Brazilian Blue Quartz – Vortex Pendant

Brazilian Blue Quartz Pendant – Vortex Pendant w/ Sterling Silver Design Sale!

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Maximize the benefits of this high vibrational stone with the sterling silver Vortex design that amplifies wearers up to 180 mV. Brazilian Blue Quartz calms the mind, assuages fears, and magnifies one’s ability to increase communication between the lower and higher chakras.

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Product Description

The Vortex Brazilian Blue Quartz pendant petitions the wearer to be more receptive to their spiritual nature and sense of oneness with the universe eternal. A stone of tranquility and peace, blue quartz is excellent for those seeking clarification in their relationships or wanting to promote creativity. This lightstream infused pendant helps strengthen the immune and cardiovascular systems and is beneficial for upper body organ health.

Brazilian Blue Quartz – pendants are treated with frequencies of Tachyons (faster than light energy), The NASA Sound of the Sun, The Tree of Life, and Sacred Harmonic Codes.

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