Cleanse and Restore With Crystal Chakra Balancing Therapy

Are you feeling physically weak, emotionally drained, or uncertain about your spiritual path? If so, you certainly aren’t alone, and most of us will experience a sense of ‘lacking’ strength or facing challenges along our earthly journey.

A one-on-one crystal chakra balancing session with intuitive energy worker Monie Terhani could be the ideal holistic solution to cleanse and restore the mind, body, and spirit. As the therapy suggests, these treatments involve balancing and charging the body’s main chakras with the facilitation of crystals.

Chakra Balancing with Crystals Enhances Sessions

Monie Tehrani

Monie Tehrani

Any blockages, invading energies and karmic debris or dust within the chakras can result in an excess or diminishment of the vibrational resonance of the auric field. Either situation could manifest into afflictions of the energetic body and result in physical, emotional, and even financial problems.

Each chakra corresponds to a certain organ and nerve system, and they are associated with colors that can help release blockages and restore function to these areas. During a crystal chakra balancing session, the use of certain colored stones and crystals are placed on and around the body to amplify vibrations and boost the healing response of the treatment.

Crystals have distinct frequencies and energetic fields that help promote harmony and balance to the human body’s highly volatile energy field. Due to their nature, crystals have a profound effect on chakra centers that in turn alter and align the seven layers of the auric field.

What Are the Benefits of Crystal Chakra Balancing Healing?

During and after a crystal chakra session with Monie, recipients often experience:

  • Greater ability to heal physical, spiritual & emotional issues,
  • Improved sense of well being & tranquility,
  • More optimism in terms of understanding from an internal and external perception,
  • Increased awareness, openness, creativity, concentration & memory,
  • Enhanced sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem,
  • Better control over emotions & improved patience,
  • Deeper sleep & more vivid dreams,

If you feel a bit off-balance or just not like your usual self, your chakras may be out of balance. With even a single crystal chakra session with Monie, you can enjoy higher vibrations and greater entry to attract what you truly desire from your spiritual journey.

Depending on what works best for each client, subsequent sessions will continue to incorporate the most effective techniques along with advice for ways to use them in one’s daily life.

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Gisela Y Jaramillo Sanch
May 1, 2022

Never does Monie fail me with her intuitive and spiritual gifts. Thank you so much! It's amazing the difference you feel in your being and your focus, balanced energy! It's truly magical and just overall amazing! Blessed be

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