Black Obsidian w/Garnet & White Topaz – Galactic Compass

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Black obsidian is a prized stone for prophecy seekers in the ancient and modern world, as it’s a powerful cleaning tool that eradicates psychic smog and negative energies that can cloud the auric fields. In combination with 57 eye-catching garnets and white topaz gemstones, this Galactic Compass amulet helps free one of resentments, fears and disharmonious vibrations. Adorned with a .925 Sterling Silver Compass and surrounding design, this healing tool is a collective vision of Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis and Quantum Stones.

As a stone that helps align and activate the base chakras, black obsidian activates the guiding forces behind the compass promote centering and balance to prepare one to communicate with higher realms of information and spirit. As one uses this incredible custom pendant to clear their energy and substitute negativity with love, peace and joy, it may be possible to access higher realms and understand cosmic information such as Akashic records. We’ve also placed the symbols representing the vital elements of nature—Air, Fire, Water and Earth—upon the circumference of the galactic compass to help one tap into the spirit guides of the natural world.

Not only does this beautiful amulet arrive with three LightShield™ quantum infused harmonic codes permanently embedded in the stones, crystals and silver but there are dozens of authentic gemstones to amplify its vibrational resonance. The garnets around the bail and center star aids ones commitment to purpose of self, others and the collective while tamping negative energies that can cause disharmony, discontent, and mental cloudiness. White topaz is a powerful healer and stone of truth that can help one align with their true intent and manifesting desires.

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Every Galactic Compass Amulet collectively designed by Andrew Bartzis and Quantum Stones is of the highest quality that you’ve come to expect from our stones and crystals. Every purchase is backed with a 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction. All of our pendants are quantum infused with three of our most popular LightShield™ harmonic infusions: the Sound of Sun, Sound of Earth, Shield My Aura. Pendants can also be customized with up to three additional frequencies for an additional surcharge. Your Galactic Compass pendant will arrive in a stylish plush jewelry case, gift-ready box, polishing cloth, and your choice of a leather or stainless steel chain.


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