Tree of Romance Purple Imperial Jasper Amulet – Oval (D006)


(You will receive the actual pendant in the photo – It’s one-of-a-kind!)

Much like the branches of the Tree of Romance upon this pendant are seemingly reaching for the heavens, the stars, and the divine, people reach for those same qualities in their intimate relationships. Setting your intentions upon finding love or taking your love to the next level of spiritual, emotional, or physical gratification can propel your journey to cosmic levels. Simply gazing at this hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind purple imperial jasper invokes images of the romantic night skies, and this exotic healing stone boasts several metaphysical properties that helps one better understand our true, loving selves so that we can love others and be loved.

It helps free the bonds of constraint from old relationships, past hurts, fears, insecurities, and helps with separation anxiety for partners in long distance relationships. Imperial jasper promotes desire, confidence, and activates the heart, solar plexus, and throat chakras. It unites the energy field of the physical with the ethereal, directing one towards their goals in love and life overall.

You won’t find a more spectacular and unique piece of healing jewelry than this stunning Tree of Romance Purple Jasper Amulet. This pendant features our 3 standard scalar wave frequency infusions –  PLUS, it is infused with a 4th harmonic – the powerful “Experience Passion and Romance” frequency. If you’ve been waiting for THE one that will help you find and/or keep the one in your life filled with love, joy, and security, add this gem to your cart before it slips away!

(You will receive the actual pendant in the photo – It’s one-of-a-kind!)

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This Tree of Romance Amulet features an authentic 35mm x 25mm oval purple imperial jasper wrapped with .095 sterling silver. Every single piece is unique and hand-crafted, ensuring there will be NO OTHER Tree of Romance Amulet like yours! Your pendant will be quantum infused with 4 powerful scalar wave harmonic frequencies:

~ Experience Passion & Romance – Sound of Sun – Sound of Earth – Shield My Aura ~

However, you can opt to have up to 3 additional harmonics infused into your amulet! You’ll also receive a free stainless steel rope chain of your choice of 22, 24, or 26 inches and a stylish gift-ready presentation box with every pendant. We’re also offering additional upgrades like high-quality Sterling Silver Chains to enhance the attractiveness and energetic field of your Tree of Romance quantum stone. Remember, What you see in each photo is the ACTUAL pendant that you will receive, so be sure to take a peek at the entire collection of distinct pendants before choosing one that most captures your imagination and pleases your visual senses.


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