Both quantum physicists and perennial wisdom sages inform us that we are essential beings of energy amid a vast universe comprised of energy. This knowledge beckons the notion, “If we’re all just energy, then why do we feel so tired?” Simply, put – many of us have lost access to our inner vitality, energy, and creativity due to obstacles blocking our energy flow at the core of our being.

The QuantumStones™ Vision.

QuantumStones is a trademark sponsored of Spiritdetox Ministries, SSM , our vision is simple and we believe that knowledge is the beginning of true empowerment and fostering the mind/body/spirit connection. Our primary intention is to make this potentially life-transforming quantum stone technology and collaborating meditations available to anyone who seeks to:

  • Recognize their true potential as a co-creator of their own reality.
  • Discover a higher state of well-being and consciousness.
  • Clear negative emotional and physical accumulations inhibiting their vital force.
  • Promote Ayurvedic harmony and balance.
  • Raise their frequency and vibrations.
  • Achieve self-actualization in inner universal clarity.
  • Experience their full potential as collective beings in the universe.

We are bombarded daily with emotional choices, work decisions, and without being aware of it, we are also exposed to harmful radiation, electromagnetic fields, and negative psychic energies. These and many other incidents contribute to the misalignment of our chakras, or auric energy fields. When this occurs, your vital energy suffers along with your emotional and physical well being.

The QuantumStones™ Difference…

QuantumStones™ takes pride in offering unique amulet and pendant designs that you won’t find anywhere else – because WE designed them…You won’t find our exclusive LightShield™ quantum infusion process anywhere else…and you will be pressed to find pendants that come infused with 3 powerful scalar frequencies.

Our pendants are scientifically proven to raise the wearer’s vibrations, and auric testing has shown that they can aid in realigning one’s chakras to a harmonious, more balanced state. In a balanced state, one can raise their state of consciousness and achieve higher states of enlightenment and overall sense of well being.

Our goal and vision includes helping others through the creation of informative articles, affirmations, and guided meditations to complement the effects of each of these LifeShield infused quantum stone pendants. We would like to share our resources and information further through lectures, group webinars, responsible social media campaigns, and steady blog posts. To put it simply, we are driven to help others understand their true essence as embodied spirits and our essential nature as beings of energy.

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