Horus Egyptian Amulets

Symbolic of strength, protection, and said to oversee the sun, moon, and stars, the Egyptian Sky God Horus is revered across many cultures, and is also thought to be a God of Kinship, Hunters, and he is believed to be an all-seeing God. The Eye of Horus, also known as the Wedjat, adorned ships, sacred places, homes, and were worn as protective amulets by the ancients, and this eye-catching pendant is one of our most powerful shielding tools to ward off EMFs, evil intentions, and negative energies. His name literally translates into ‘the one far above’ and it is believed that by tapping into those cosmic energies, that revelations and truths become apparent that are essential to understand on the journey of ascension.

These unique Eye of Horus Egyptian Amulets feature an authentic gemstone ‘eye’ in the center that is backed by a small magnet. Taking advantage of the polarity of magnetism, our quantum infusions and the vibrational resonance of each pendant is measurably raised! Each Eye of Horus Amulet is permanently infused with 3 harmonics using our exclusive LightShield™ quantum scalar wave frequencies:

“The Sound of the Sun”         ~         “The Sound of Earth”       ~         “Shield My Aura”

For a nominal cost you can customize and upgrade your amulet with up to 3 additional frequencies or opt to add an elegant sterling silver chain. ****Please Note: If you have any serious medical condition, wear a pacemaker, or have any artificial surgical implants that may be negatively affected by magnetic devices.****

[meaning of symbols – going clockwise from 12 oclock]

OXThe Fool (Ox): Representing our unlimited potential, the Fool (written in the cipher of the Ox) unlocks new pathways in our lives that allow us to fearlessly embrace change and seek greater opportunities for happiness. The expansive qualities of the Fool mirror the nature of Horus, who the ancients believed symbolized the sky. Your Eye of Horus pendant is a powerful tool that will help you disconnect from the past and open new doors to a happier future.

Tent PegThe Hierophant (Tent peg): Despite how Horus could have easily tried to trick Seth and kill him underhandedly (just as Seth did to his father), Horus worked tirelessly to compete against Seth and prove his worth as king of Egypt. The Hierophant tasks you to take the high road, and wearing your Eye of Horus pendant will allow you to create stable structures and relationships in your life. You can also use pendulum for decision making and spiritual guidance.

Tent PropTemperance (Tent prop): Looking at Temperance in both the traditional tarot and the idea of a ‘tent prop’, we can decipher a symbol of balance, joining together opposites, inner reflection and cooperation. In order to restore his left eye, Horus called upon Thoth and 14 other gods to repair the damage Seth had done. By wearing your Eye of Horus pendant, you’ll find you’ll magnetically attract others into your life who can assist you positively on your journey to prosperity and success.

WindowThe Emperor (Window) : As one of the most vicious rivalries in Egyptian history, the relationship between Horus and Seth is famous. Horus’s struggle to claim the throne over his uncle is the perfect metaphor for the Emperor, a symbol which represents the importance of being our own authority, adhering to structure and choosing assertion over aggression. If you’ve been struggling to make peace with your anger and avoid passive-aggressive behaviors your Eye of Horus pendant is the perfect tool to help you learn how to assert yourself.

PalmThe Wheel of Fortune (Palm): The Wheel of Fortune reflects how the fortune in our lives tends to come and go in cycles, and that in order for us to appreciate joy and success, we must first know failure. The myth of Horus reflects on this idea, as his greatest success only came after his greatest loss with the death of Osiris, his father. The protective qualities of Horus’s left eye will instill you with the wisdom to glean spiritual growth from the crises in your life, all while increasing your luck and shielding you from negativity.

FootThe High Priestess (Foot): Some relate the High Priestess to Isis, another powerful Egyptian figure whose magic helped resurrect Osiris. The High Priestess reminds us to listen to our intuition, to pay attention to signs and symbols and seek wisdom from within. Despite how many times Seth attempted to trick Horus, Horus trusted his intuition and managed to outsmart his wily rival. Using your Eye of Horus pendant while you meditate will help you tap into your intuitive abilities and increase your psychic potential.

Fish HookThe Star (Fish Hook): Have you felt out of touch with your dreams? Do you find yourself taking on a cynical mindset rather than a positive one? If so, the energy of the Star will help you ‘reel’ in the blessings which have seemed to allude you by opening your eyes to what you truly want — and giving you the power to manifest it. Relating to the Star’s hopeful energy, Horus never once wavered on the quest to achieve his dreams, even in the face of tremendous opposition. Your pendant will provide you with the optimism and faith you need to be true to who you are.

Tent WallThe Chariot (Tent wall): If you’ve been lacking in motivation, the Chariot will give you a head start on achieving dreams you once thought impossible. Like the tent wall that withstands the harshest desert winds, the Chariot pushes onward, allowing nothing to bring it down. Horus himself is perhaps the perfect symbol for the highly driven nature of the Chariot. If you’ve been struggling to juggle all of your responsibilities, the energy of the Chariot will help you overcome bouts of low energy and procrastination.

EyeThe Devil (Eye): Horus fiercely battled Seth to avenge his father’s death and gain supremacy over Egypt. Seth plucked out Horus’s left eye and divides it into six pieces; however, it was later restored by Thoth. In the tarot, the Devil acts as an all-seeing ‘eye’ that reveals our Shadow self and inner chaos. Even in the face of disaster, Horus faced his demons and triumphed over Seth. Wearing your Eye of Horus pendant will increase your inner strength and give you the courage you need to make difficult choices in your life.

SerpentStrength (Serpent): As the famous saying goes, “be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove”. Looking at the symbol of Strength as the serpent, we can decipher that true strength doesn’t involve brash anger, but instead using our willpower and intellect to triumph. Horus followed the same path, defeating Seth not through destructive means, but by using cunning tactics and relying on intelligence. Your pendant is infused with a stabilizing energy that will give you a sense of calm and rationality, even in the midst of any chaos or drama in your life, and prevent the anger of others from penetrating your psyche.


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