Tree of Life

Add a little pizzazz to your healing jewelry collection with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind piece from our captivating Sacred Trees Collection! The Tree of Life Amulet series. Each distinctive amulet features an authentic 35 mm round Rainbow Labradorite ensconced with .095 sterling silver and is hand-crafted, ensuring there will be no other Tree of Life Amulet like yours. Furthermore you can choose up to 3 harmonic infusions to further customize your pendant to propel your specific intentions for your mind/body/spirit journey. What you see in each photo is the pendant you will receive, so peruse the full selection before choosing the one that captures your eye and resonates with your frequency and desired healing and manifestation goals.

The Essence and Meaning of the Tree of Life

A symbol of the creation, growth, and regeneration of all things in nature, the Tree of Life from roots to fruits is symbolic of the cycle of life and the vital role that Air, Water, and Fire play in the process. Each element and aspect of the tree’s cycle mirrors that of the human self as we traverse the earthly plane while seeking to connect with our Higher Selves. The roots of the Tree of Life are firmly planted into the EARTH, recognizing the soil as its mother and vital to its ability to provide nourishment to the essential trunk.

The trunk provides the foundation for the Tree, providing stability and support as it carries life-giving WATER to the branches so they can perform their role in creation. The branches reach for the healing and life-giving sun’s rays which are sourced from FIRE to support the leaves of the Tree of Life. The resulting leaves then provide a vital exchange with the AIR that sustains both the tree and life on our planet. The result of this collective effort is the fruit of life that sources our vital nutrients, only to return to the EARTH again to continue the regeneration cycle that encompasses the ideals of the Tree of Life.

The Metaphysical Benefits of Rainbow Labradorite

Thought to have descended from the heavenly Gods through the Aurora Borealis, Rainbow Labradorite is a stone of magic, synchronicity, and cosmic energy. Because it is a stone representative of the moon and stars, the cleansing and charging effects of this healing crystal are as powerful as it’s shielding properties. Rainbow labradorite activates the throat chakra to assist one in speaking their truth and communicating more effectively. Activation of the 3rd Eye chakra with this stone can assist in achieving deeper states of meditation that can open the doors to communication with otherworldly beings or the Akashic Records. Such insights can lead the path to new beginnings as one gain insights into the ‘whys’ of their past and the answer to ‘what’ is their higher purpose.

This distinctive and exquisite Tree of Life Amulet harnesses the healing and rejuvenating powers of the elements of creation and promotes a wealth of mind/body/spirit benefits. Remember, YOU choose which 3 scalar wave frequencies you want LightShield infused into your pendant, so you can set your intentions and manifest the reality you desire.

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