Tree of Harmony

Disharmonic vibrations…disturbances amid the auric field, and blockages within the chakra system can all cause the mind, body, and spirit to suffer due to depression and anxiety. This exclusive design is geared to cleanse the auric field, shield you from negative energies and EMFs, and to balance the chakras so you can surpass any concepts of limitations and discover your Higher Self. Our signature Tree of Harmony series is one of the highlights of our Sacred Trees Series! These beauties feature authentic Rainbow Labradorite healing crystals adorned with hand-crafted, sterling silver trees that represent the mighty and glorious growth we experience on our spiritual and physical journeys.

The magical, cosmic energy of this amazing pendant helps one connect with both the earthly and ethereal realms, bringing one a sense of recognizing all creatures as ‘beings of light’ and as a vital part of the collective. Rainbow labradorite helps raise one’s vibration, bringing them clarity, greater intellect and the ration cognizance to successfully calm fears and discover more joy in their life. The solar and lunar energy of this magnificent stone helps one remain grounded, while promoting a greater connection with the divine sources of ethereal knowledge. Many call upon this stone of mystical wisdom seeking guidance or to tap into their inner senses of divination or prophecy.

This Tree of Harmony Rainbow Labradorite Amulet features an authentic 35mm by 25mm oval authentic gemstone wrapped with 925 sterling silver and comes with a FREE stainless steel chain to complement the look of your stone. Each pendant is unique and hand-crafted, ensuring there will be NO OTHER Tree of Harmony Amulet like yours! Your pendant will be quantum infused with 4 powerful scalar wave harmonic frequencies:

~ Anxiety Healing, Release the Feeling – Sound of Sun – Sound of Earth – Shield My Aura ~

The exclusive Anxiety Healing, Release the Feeling harmonic is designed to amplify your intentions to free yourself from the confines of these two debilitating emotions and bring you back up to your highest vibrational resonance! Remember, each piece in this collection is one-of-a-kind, and the pendant you see in the photograph is the actual stone you will receive!

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