Triskelion Amulets

When one observes the graceful fluidity of the triple spiral of the Celtic Triskelion, the symbolism of the trinity stands out…with each protrusion seemingly in a state of constant motion. The meaning of the trinity itself is up to the observer or culture to proffer; however common interpretations include:

Mind, Body, Spirit
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Past, Present, Future
Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer
Mother, Father, Child

The concept of these components along with the symbolism of the spiral’s motions leas us to believe that the triskelion tells a story of man’s progress and forward motion in an effort to understand their life’s personal journey amid the triad dynamic.

Quantum Stones Triskelion Amulets are LightSheild™ quantum infused with 3 harmonic scalar frequencies through our one-of-a-kind generation process. Each amulet in the exclusive Triskelion line is embedded with 3 of our most powerful frequencies:

“The Sound of the Sun” ~ “The Sound of Earth” ~ “Shield My Aura”

What truly makes Quantum Stones new amulets stand out, is that you can opt to have up to 3 additional harmonics infused into your healing jewelry! We’re also offering additional upgrades like high-quality Sterling Silver Chains. Each Triskelion Amulet comes with a free leather cord and a gift box, so it’s ready for wear upon arrival – just set your intentions and enjoy your tool for transformation!

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