Gamal's Sacred Egyptian™ Essential Oils | 7 Chakras

Embrace wellness through the healing power of nature with pure, unadulterated essential oils!

From the beginning of humanity’s existence, individuals around the globe have utilized the gifts of nature’s flora and fauna that surrounded them to heal their body, mind and for spiritual advancement. Even without scientific research, the earliest peoples understood that each herb, plant, and flower boasts its own unique properties that can be used to create healing tinctures, botanical treatments and other applications that positively interact with the body as a whole.

In fact, ancients throughout time have found essential oils to be useful in a variety of ways. For example, amid the Hindu spiritual system, it is believed that there are seven base energy centers within our body that correspond to a place where life-force flows. When these chakras are out of balance, individuals feel imbalanced and may fall in poor health or spirits, but through cleansing and activating corresponding chakras with meditation, essential oils, and intention one can learn to become a powerful force within their reality.

The Egyptians took the chakra system a step further with their belief that each chakra correlates to a vital part of the endocrine system. According to the ancients, 7 specific glands can be effected positively by clearing blockages and distortion amid the chakras by restoring their positive vibrations and synergistic energy flow though sacred rituals using essential oils and stones. Each of our 100% pure Sacred Egyptian Essential Oils are associated with a powerful Egyptian Neter and its relevance to the endocrine system as translated from the ancient Pyramid Texts of Saqqara. These healing oils are directly imported from a fifth-generation Egyptian source (Gamal shop) and include:

Essential Oil Reference Table

Essential OilChakraNeterEndocrine System
Red AmberRoot/BaseBase of SetTestes/Ovaries
MuskSacralSpleen of HathorSpleen
JasmineSolar PlexusSolar Plexus of RaAdrenal Gland
RoseHeartHeart of IsisThymus Gland
Amber KashmirThroatThroat of ThothThyroid Gland
SandalwoodThird EyeEye of HorusPituitary Gland
LotusCrownCrown of OsirisPineal Gland

Remember, each oil will effect individuals differently on some level as they vary in vibrational energy patterns just like the human body and everything around us. As you work with the chakras and oils as you discover work best for you, your subtle fields can return to an ideal vibrational pattern and restore the body to higher states of health.

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