Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a warm, soothing stone that influences one’s ability to give and receive unconditional love and has profound effects on the heart and throat chakras. Those struggling to overcome and cope with grief associated with the loss of a loved one due to death, abandonment, or breakup will benefit tremendously from this healing stone’s radiant green energy. Green aventurine can help one embrace their connection with nature and their sense of oneness with the collective.

A greater sense of compassion, self-acceptance, and elevated mood are commonly reported by those who call upon this gemstone, while feelings of depression, loneliness, anger, and grief subside. This is considered a stone of fortune, luck, and prosperity, and many users set intentions with green aventurine to magnify their affirmations to manifest prosperity. If you’re ready to free yourself from past hurts and begin the journey to self-actualization and a balanced mind, body, and spirit – this healing stone is for you.

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