Genesis Pendants Paired w/ Sacred Egyptian Oils

Everything in the universe is a form of vibrational resonance including the human body, stones, crystals and even essential oils. The primary invisible energetic centers of the body are identified as seven distinct chakras amid the Hindu belief system, each of which serves a vital role in the proper functioning of one’s physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. However, the ancient Egyptians tied these energy centers to seven endocrine system glands within the body with each center being associated with specific Egyptian Neters, which literally translates into ‘forces of nature.’

Each of these seven Sacred Egyptian Oils™ was believed by the ancients to resonate at harmonizing frequencies that could balance the chakras and body ailments associated with the vital organs and systems that correlate with these energy centers. Furthermore, many *****ancient cultures used stones and crystals for healing, protection and rituals for chakra balancing. Because it’s believed that Egyptians are the founders of aromatherapy, it’s likely they employed stones and essential oils together, as they revered having a strong relationship with nature as a source of wellbeing. ==

Each pure essential oil in our Sacred Egyptian Oil™ and Genesis Pendant collections have a unique vibrational resonance that can help certain chakras return to an ideal harmonious energy pattern for greater states of health. When properly programmed and used with true intentions, these combinations can help restore the body, balance emotions, rejuvenate the spirit and awaken one’s consciousness to new possibilities and realities.

Quantum Stones has paired some of our most popular Genesis Amulets with Sacred Egyptian Oils that complement one another for a more profound effect upon the chakra system and corresponding glandular systems. Next to each oil are one or more harmonically infused stones to choose from to pair with the Sacred Oil. Currently, our pure Sacred Egyptian Oil and Genesis Pendant combinations include:

Red Amber Oil — Black Obsidian or Red Jasper — Base Chakra

Musk Oil — Carnelian — Sacral Chakra

Jasmine Oil — Tiger’s Eye —Solar Plexus Chakra

Rose Oil — Rose Quartz or Green Aventurine — Heart

Amber Kashmir Oil — Lapis Lazuli or Blue Imperial Jasper or Turquoise — Throat Chakra

Sandalwood Oil — Labradorite or Fluorite or Violet Imperial Jasper —3rd Eye Chakra

Lotus Oil — Rainbow Labradorite or Amethyst or Clear Quartz — Crown Chakra

Take a closer look at our selection below to explore more about the profound potential benefits of chakra healing with stones and essential oils. Don’t see a combination you like? Contact Us!

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