The stone of royalty is favored by holistic healers and cosmic knowledge seekers who consider amethyst healing crystals to be superior for awakening the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras. Associated with the sense of ‘seeing’ and the natural element of ‘light,’  amethyst is called upon when one is ready to see the light beyond the physical realm. This powerful shielding stone is thought to enhance spirituality and ‘open the 3rd Eye’ allowing for communication with Divine sources of cosmic knowledge such as Akashic Records. Calming and cleansing, it helps one balance energy fields and shield their aura from psychic attacks and negative energies.

These properties make amethyst ideal for those seeking to purge trapped thoughts and emotions that no longer serve their Higher Self and purpose within the collective. Meditation with this gemstone helps users meld into deeper states of relaxation that serve as starting points for Astral travel, soul travel, shamanic visions, and past-life recall.

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