⭐ Ways to use your Pendant

Each LightShield™ infused quantum pendant is harmonically infused with three powerful scalar frequencies, so feel free to use your quantum pendant any way that resonates with you and promotes your sense of mind/body/spirit well being. These are some of the most popular uses.

MEDITATION:Using your stone pendant during meditation increases its vibrational and energetic potential exponentially. Wear or hold the stone between the index fingers and thumbs of both hands to foster communication between the left and right brain and help balance and magnify energy. Increased vibrations send your intentions further into the universe to help manifest your desires. Popular meditation stones and gems are calming blues, healing greens, and clarifying amethysts.

MASSAGE CRYSTAL HEALING: When warmed or soaked in water and placed along the spine upon certain chakras, healing vibrational stones can enliven energy and harmonize auric energies. Also known as ‘laying on of stones’ each stone has its own unique talent and are often used for divination and meditation purposes.

MANIFESTATION: Using quantum stone technology brings harmonic balance and increased vibrations within one’s energetic fields that extend into the greater unseen fields, allowing for healing, communication, and manifestation.

ATHLETES ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Athletes and those always on the go seem drawn to high vibration pendants like red jasper or hematite because they are highly invigorating. Those seeking maximum performance may use the pendant for several days prior to an event or major challenge and carry it throughout their journey. Holding the stone immediately after events can help rejuvenate the system and re-harmonize your auric fields.

GRIDDING THE HOME: Many people place grids in corresponding places in rooms, around the home, in front of windows, by their bedside, or in their office space. Gridding serves to protect ones aura from psychic attacks, negative energies, EMF’s – any external harm or energy one wants to keep out, might be achieved through proper gridding and intention.

ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES: EMF’s are everywhere we are…you probably have three or more touching your body right now if you are carrying a cell phone, using a computer, a blue tooth head set, watching TV, etc. They are simply a fact of our daily life, and LightShield™ infused pendants offer powerful EMF protection due to their permanantly infused quantum frequencies and harmonic vibrations.

STUDENTS: Stones are excellent memory keepers, and are are excellent note takers of sorts on lecture days. Carrying your stone helps you remain grounded and focused and more open as a receiver and recorder of information yourself. Carry your stone with you on exam days and during study sessions!

Collective awareness studies have actual been able to record data during major events that affect global consciousness. These quantum stones increase an individual’s measurable voltage and expand their energy field. When used among groups of people, these stones can expand the power, clarity, and energy of Global messages fostering prayers of healing and peace. Holding them while focusing on intentions as a collective will amplify the message.