Rose Quartz

The stone of unconditional universal love, soothing Rose Quartz gently awakens the heart and throat chakras, allowing one to free themselves of feelings associated with grief, loss of love, depression, and selfishness. Rose Quartz helps restore harmony, and offers reassurance to the possessor of their own self worth as forgiveness fills the spaces where fear, sadness, and the lack of love once hid.

As the heart heals, the throat awakens and the ability to speak truths becomes easier and more comfortable, which further promotes the ability to give and receive love freely. These healing crystals are called upon for protection from negative energies, electromagnetic frequencies, and to bring one health during pregnancy. It is believed that the heart, lungs, kidneys and circulatory systems are assisted when one wears rose quartz healing stones. If you want to radiate more balance, harmonic, loving energy, this gem is for you.

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