Lapis Lazuli

An ideal stone for exploring realms beyond our three-dimensional plane, lapis lazuli is by far our most ‘cosmic’ stone in appearance with its glittering array of golden flecks throughout. The stone of the Sky Gods, lapis lazuli opens the 3rd Eye Chakra to promote receptivity to divine communications received in contemplative states. It further opens the throat chakra to allow one to express and share their true emotions, as well as the insights they receive from universal sources or the Akashic Record.

Those seeking to promote vivid dreams with greater recall will cherish lapis lazuli, and many receive answers to long-sought answers by wearing this stone at night or placing it in their pillowcase. Believed to effect the head and throat, it is often called upon to heal migraines, throat problems, communication issues, sinuses and allergies, and certain disorders of the brain.

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