⭐ How to Program Stones

Sacral Chakra HealingProgramming and dedicating stones is commonplace among holistic and Ayurvedic healers who use these ancient healing tools in various practices. The purpose of programming stones and crystals after cleansing and charging them is to set your intention or what you wish to receive from using the tool. Programming simply allows the stone to receive your vibrations, enhancing its ability to manifesting something you specifically need or desire

Programming Stones vs Dedicating Stones

Programming stones  magnifies their attentions and intentions through you defining yours. The purpose of dedicating stones to a higher level of healing energy (Goddess or God) might be to protect the stone and yourself from negative energies and psychic attacks. Once stones are programmed and dedicated, they become much more powerful tools in the use of healing and meditation.

All of Quantum Stones’ pendants are harmonically infused with our unique LightShield™  quantum frequencies of the Sound of the Sun, Sound of Earth and Shield my Aura.  Stones often take time to resonate at the same vibrational frequency as the wearer before the true power of the harmonic frequencies are experienced. You may want to program your stone to resonate stronger with Shield my Aura or another frequency – you can reprogram stones at your will.

Programming StonesHow Programming Stones and Quantum Pendants Works

Holding your stone or pendant pinched between your fingertips, which is where the nerve endings are located, allowing your system to integrate the stone’s energy more quickly. You will sense its energy as it is sensing and attempting to resonate with yours and to discover your natural vibration and universal intentions and needs. Sense and appreciate this energy, quietly as to be connected with this stone as a life-force energy. After you believed that you have sensed what you can from the stone, consider what you really want to utilize your pendant for.

As you hone in on these uses, ask the stone if it’s willing to act upon your wishes. Notice – does the energy seem to increase or decrease? Increases are thought to be a confirmation, while energy loss is indicative of a negative response. If your intentions are accepted, state it in your own mind that it will be indeed be so. Now, it is said that this stone or crystal will hold programmed intentions until you or someone else reprogram it.

How Dedicating Stones Promotes Successful Use

Rainbow Labradorite w/Moonstone Body – Scarab Egyptian Amulet (Front)After programming stones, many users go one step further by dedicating stones. This is believed to prevent negative energies from tapping into the stone or attaching to it. You may also opt to dedicate your crystals or quantum pendants to a specific God/Goddess, such as a Goddess of healing like Diana or Isis. Others may choose to dedicate the stone to a protecting power like Kali or Hecate. To dedicate the stone, hold it in your hand and declare it as a healing tool that only the most high-level positive energy may work through and focus on this intent for a while. End your dedication/meditation session with a firm, ‘so be it’ and consider it done.

Precautions on Sharing Quantum Pendants and Programmed Stones

Rainbow Labradorite – Solar Egyptian Amulet (FREE Gift Box)After you have established a relationship of any type with your quantum pendant, stones, or crystals, it’s advised to  not ‘share’ them with anyone else regardless of how well intentioned you are. This is simply because the quantum infusion process, programming stones, and dedicating stones are designed to cycle each person’s information and store it.

Stones learn and harmonize with each individual’s vibrations and intentions; hence, this information can become exchanged and shared with another allowing your information to actually cycle back into the borrower. Is this harmful? Potentially. However, some resonating individuals may desire such informational exchanges, but should do so at their own risk as this is something immeasurable scientifically.

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