Tree of Romance Purple Imperial Jasper Series

The Story of the Tree of Romance…a Story of Mutual Love

The ‘love’ of our Sacred Trees Series is here! There are numerous correlations between human relationships and trees. From the roots that support the trunk, to the branches that hold the leaves, to the sustaining fruit that permits the cycle of life to continue through regeneration, their processes highly resemble those of the cycle of romance. Each part of the tree plays its role…working in unison to keep the tree vibrant, healthy, and alive. Partnerships, at least successful ones, also operate in synchronicity…with each party having an equal responsibility in keeping the romance vibrant, healthy, and alive.

Consider the role of the 4 elements in everything from the natural world, such as trees, to relationships to get a deeper understanding of this magnificent jewelry design. The element of air and the leaves of trees have a mutual benefit exchange, and the leaves depend upon the fire of the sun to make that exchange possible. The earth relies on the fruit and leaves for sustenance and for the decomposition process that ultimately revitalizes it for more trees. And of course, the tree depends on life-giving water throughout its life. Such mutually beneficial arrangements are a vital component of successful, harmonious relationships, with each participant nurturing each aspect of themselves and their partnership.

It was with these concepts in mind, that we created this incredible, one-of a kind Tree of Romance Amulet series. We had our experienced artisans hand-craft each sterling silver Tree of Romance onto a captivating Purple Imperial Jasper, a powerful healing crystal that also works to promote romance in current relations or to attract love to those seeking it. Also known as Royal Opal, Impressionist Jasper, Sea Sediment Jasper, and a few other names, you won’t find a more romantic looking stone to set your heart-felt intentions into than one of these LightShield infused Quantum Stones.

Imperial Jasper Resonates the Frequency of Love

Many use this stone to open up the 3rd Eye Chakra which can promote astral travel and communication with divine entities who may disclose insight pertaining to any potential or current soul mate or twin flame unions. It can promote the binding of energies to direct towards achieving a pre-determined goal, such as finding love, restoring passion, or ramping up your relationship to the next level physically and spiritually. This healing stone eliminates negativity, insecurities, soothes nerves, and stabilizes emotions – common companions to romance, whether it be while courting a new love or struggling to stay connected with a current companion.

The activation of the throat chakra is one of this crystals best complements to the Tree of Romance. When one feels secure enough to speak the deepest truths to their significant other or truly able to be honest with themselves, life changing transformation can take place. Imperial jasper projects a solar and lunar energy that awakens the solar plexus and heart chakras, which are sources of personal power, self-esteem, and love…all vital parts of working with the Law of Attraction. Cleansing and activating these fields can give one great powers of transformation, promote Yin Yang balance, and help one remember that love for all things is the key to powerful physical manifestation through intentions.

The Tree of Romance Purple Imperial Jasper simple resonates a frequency of passion, romance, and longevity – the triad of a beautiful and fulfilling relationship! The Tree of Romance Purple Jasper Series is available in two distinctive styles: 35mm Round and 35mm x 25mm Oval. Remember, each stone and Tree of Romance design is 100% unique, so peruse the entire line and find the one that speaks the language of love to you!

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