Black Obsidian w/Moonstone Eye – Horus Egyptian Amulet

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Are you seeking to activate the base, 3rd eye, and throat chakras while aligning your auric fields and feeling more connected to both the natural and cosmic realms? Do you want to explore deeper states of meditation in effort to communicate with divine beings and be privy to their ancient universal wisdom? Then this distinctive Black Obsidian w/Moonstone Eye of Horus Amulet may be the perfect tool to propel your mind/body/spirit journey.

Obsidian is one of the most shielding stones in our collection to ward off evil and negative energies, providing one with a cleansed auric field in preparation for exploring universal truths. There’s no better stone to pair with the Sky God Horus’ Eye than the lunar-emitting radiance of moonstone crystals. His eyes were said to represent the sun and the moon, two cleansing and charging energies also provided by Moonstone.

A stone of new beginnings that helps increase one’s discernment and perception, moonstone is also called upon to contact spirit guides, to promote astral travel, and prophetic dreams. The placement of a small hidden magnet behind the center stone further amplifies the effects of the stones, crystals, and harmonic infusions of the Black Obsidian w/Labradorite Eye of Horus Amulet. Look no further for the perfect healing tool to help you manifest your dreams!

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Our Quantum Stones feature authentic high-quality stones and crystals adorned in .925 Sterling Silver. Each pendant is confidently backed with a 30-day money back guarantee. The center of each pendant features a small magnet intended to amplify the energetic field of the stones and crystals you choose. Amulets are permanently infused with 3 harmonics using our exclusive LightShield™ quantum scalar wave frequencies:

~ The Sound of the Sun ~ The Sound of Earth ~ Shield My Aura ~

For a nominal cost you can customize and upgrade your amulet with up to 3 additional frequencies. Included with every pendant is a leather cord or stainless steel rope chain in your choice of length (22, 24, or 26 in.) along with a stylish case, gift box and polishing cloth.

****Please Note: If you have any serious medical condition, wear a pacemaker, or have any artificial surgical implants that may be negatively affected by magnetic devices, this device may not be for you. Please consult a physician. ****


Product Specs:

Stone Rating: AA
Height: 50mm (1.96 inches)
Width:  40mm (1.57 inches)
Depth:  8mm (0.31 inch)
Total Weight:  19grams (0.67 oz)


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