⭐ FAQ’s About QuantumStones Jewelry

If you have a question that we don’t answer here, please contact Quantum Stones today. We’ll not only answer your question, but we’ll likely include it on our FAQ list, and we thank you for helping us discover what you want to know most.

What’s the difference between the designs on the amulets?

Quantum Stone’s pendants are each named after their corresponding shape representing a mystical order of cosmic creation, and our one-of-a kind amulet series honor sacred geometry and the wisdom of various ancient cultures. Our Genesis Series  represents the never ending cycle of creation, boasting the simple yet powerful torus design exhibiting the motion of all energy in the universe. The shape of the universe is considered to be the Holy Grail of mathematics and sacred geometry, and to find it has profound meaning for our understanding of vibrational energy.

Featuring designs such as the Seed of Life and Trinity Star, our Sacred Geometry Series boasts some of most powerful pendants for transformation for those seeking to tap into the forces of the natural world and multi-dimensional realms. Our Celtic Series includes symbolic pieces such as the Triskelion and the Triquetra, while our Egyptian Amulet Series boast ancient symbols surrounding revered designs like the protective Scarab beetle and the Eye of Horus. The Sacred Tree Collection featured a variety of specialized harmonics and captivating stones that are customized to promote your choice of Harmony, Prosperity, Romance, Life, Infinity, etc.

With the latest assessment of the shape of the universe being a 4-dimensional toroidal shape, we not only design quantum jewelry to these shapes, we quantum infuse them with our exclusive LightShield™ harmonic frequencies – the Sound of the Sun, Sound of Earth, and Shield My Aura (Unless otherwise noted in the description) You can opt for additional frequency infusions, as well. When you wear these pieces, you are allowing the zero point energy to move through your body/body/spirit allowing them to embrace the creative forces of the universe. Learn more in Choosing Your Stone Pendant.

How does incorporating silver magnify the pendant’s energy potential?

Silver is thought to clear impurities, aid in energy flow, and alleviate infections, mental imbalances, and nerve twitches while improving fertility. A conductive material, such as silver will increase the energy level of the person who wears the pendant. This is why  many wearers opt to purchase a silver or gold chain to hang their pendant from. If one finds the vibrations too high with a conducive material as a chain, consider alternate materials.

How does energy work and where does it come from?

Both quantum physicists and perennial wisdom sages inform us that we are essential beings of energy and vibrations amid a vast universe comprised of vibrational energy. Einstein helped us realize that these fields of energy are the only reality, and that time and space are not absolute. Mass can be solid or non-solid, but everything around us – even thoughts and words – are all essentially fields of energy and vibration. When these auric fields are balanced they communicate, allowing one to raise their vibration, elevate states of consciousness, and experience a greater sense of well being.

Disharmonic energetic vibrations like EMF’s bombard us everyday – satellite transmissions, computers, cell phones, negative thoughts, emotional stressors, and energetic imbalances. Many of us have lost access to our inner vitality and creativity due to obstacles like past hurts, false predispositions, and the stressors of daily life. All of these negative energies hinder communications between auric fields and lower their vibrational output and receptivity, contributing to the misalignment of the chakras.

As electrical living beings, we often suffer from low or chaotic vibrational energy because of these massive invasions of negativity and unnatural electromagnetic fields that throw our auric balance out of alignment. These all force one further away from achieving their self-actualization goals, their true harmonious self. In order to manifest the life we truly seek we must correct weakness and imbalances in our energy fields.

How can stones and crystals have memory and harness energy?

William B. Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter H. Brattain are inventors who share the 1956 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of the Transistor. They discovered how to release electrons – the prime movers of the electrical force – concealed on the surface of crystal, which caused an electrical current to intensify its power.

The vast implications of this discovery have literally altered the world and the very nature of technology. Without crystals to serve as transistors, cell phones, computers, satellite transmissions, digital TV, and other gadgets wouldn’t operate the same nor offer the same memory capabilities.

So few people today realize the hidden power of crystals has barely been tapped! Can crystals be used to amplify the human body energy and help unleash its spiritual potential? That is what we have discovered! Learn more about the history of crystal transistors here.

Do Crystals Have Memory Like a Computer?

At the UC Stanford in 1994, a team of physicists demonstrated that crystals have memory. A holographic movie of a humming bird and the Mona Lisa were both stored within the subatomic structure of a crystal and retrieved. While the particular crystal held only 163 kilobytes of memory, it was then quickly predicted that future crystal hard drives could store up to one million megabytes of information. This would mean that future computers would use crystal hard drives because they would make current technology obsolete. And they certainly have!

How do Quantum Stone amulets protect me from electromagnetic frequencies / EMFs?

Cell phones, computers, Bluetooth devices, televisions, microwaves, and all things ‘electrical’ that are not sourced by nature emit harmful frequencies that disrupt our auric fields, throw our chakras out of balance, and cause physical symptoms including anxiety, depression, fatigue, headaches, and weaken the immune system. Each Quantum Stone is infused with a series of high scalar wave LightShield Harmonics that amplify each stone’s natural healing properties and frequencies, while disrupting the lower EMF frequencies emitted by electronic and wireless devices.

Simply setting your intentions into the pendant to shield yourself further magnifies the power of these healing stones. While you set the shield, the stone and frequencies quiet the energy fields of EMFs, aligning them in a parallel fashion that permits them to pass through living organisms without causing cellular communication damage. You can wear your pendant or place the stone in your pocket, and you can place it between you and electronic devices you spend a lot of time using.

What is the history of religious use of sacred healing stones?

The use of sacred stones in healing and spiritual practices traverses religions and mysticism across the globe. Healing stones have been utilized since recorded history by  the ancient Hindus, Greeks, Sumerians, Aztecs, Myans, Druids, Native American Indians, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others. The Native American Indians called the stones, “The Stone People,” the keepers of history and energy.

If you consider biblical and recorded history, there are many experiences and documented beliefs regarding stones as memory and and vibrational record keepers. Consider the energy that is believed to surround the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, and religious sites such as the Kiblah. Many verses in the Holy Bible refer to the wearing of sacred jewelry crafted of stone and precious metals in order to gain the insight, knowledge, and God energy that they harnessed. Certain stones are better at absorbing and retaining information; hence, their different levels of vibrations.

What is Crystal and Stone Therapy?

A form of vibrational medicine, crystal healing or therapy involves the application of stones, gemstones, or crystals to facilitate healing. These energies can be tapped into in a variety of ways – through carrying, wearing, meditation, placing under pillow, or direct chakra placement. Learn more in How to Use Your Quantum Stone Pendant.

Can QuantumStones LightShield™ Infused Pendants aid in physical healing?

Legal restrictions prohibit us from making any such specific claims (see disclaimer). However, when you begin to understand that we all are merely beings of energy within a universe of energy, it only stands to reason that experiencing higher vibrations and communication would benefit the physical body as well as the auric and spiritual one. We are beings manifested of many bodies, not just a physical one and the better they communicate with each other and resonate with the universe, the greater mind/body/spirit health we are likely to experience overall.

What are chakras / auric fields?

You may have heard the term chakra, and In Sanskrit, the term means “wheel,” appropriate because the chakras are whirling, spinning energy centers. The seven major chakras form a vertical power line that runs from the crown of your head to the base of your spine. These are the primary source of your energy, and stressors and emotional or physical problems can block them or cause them to fall into a state of imbalance. When this happens you may feel physically or mentally unwell.

How do I know if my Chakras are out of balance?

Some individuals consult experts in the use of dowsing rods and pendulums, or divination, sessions to determine chakra misalignments. Many times, there are physical signs of blockages, such as a sore throat indicating issues in the throat, or 5th, chakra. Sometimes it may be a behavioral clue such as one having trouble connecting emotionally indicating base and heart chakra issues. Consult with a professional you trust with a solid industry reputation for laying on treatments and chakra alignment assessment.

What does it mean to manifest our reality through vibrations and energy?

Once we understand that our fields communicate with each other and that our language stems from this, we can see how to become better at resonating to the universe what we really want. This means that we can communicate with each other without speaking or even seeing each other, allowing our thoughts become real forms of energy that go out into the universe similar to the way radio stations sends out music. We are also are senders and receivers of universal information and insights, and if we send out positive and harmonized frequencies, then we can manifest and receive in accordance to this.

Will I need to cleanse, purify, or recharge my stone/crystal Amulet?

If you feel as though you have ‘tired’ or exhausted your stone, certainly feel free to follow your gut instinct and cleanse it in salt for a couple of hours water or simply let it lie in the sun briefly to cleanse, purify, and recharge your pendant. It’s best to take off your pendant in times when you are in emotional stress that you feel may be magnified by its presence. This alone can help keep your stone resonating in a positive, harmonious way.

Water Exposure – My Opal has gotten wet and lost it’s color? Is it ‘broken?’

While most opal owners panic when their stone loses its color and turns translucent, but there’s no need to panic when this happens with the Welo / Wegel Tena Ethiopian opal due to its porosity and classification as a hydrophane opal. Hydrophane means ‘water-loving’ which is a property rare in opal specimens, as most types will  permanently lose their color after prolonged water exposure. We’ve found that once this particular type of opal dries out that its original hues return, a process that can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or so depending on humidity and the thickness of the stone.

How Do I Clean and Care for Wegel Tena / Wolo Ethiopian Opals?

While these gemstones are more durable than many opal specimens, the guidelines for caring and cleaning them are similar.

* Avoid contact with oils of any sort, as this can permanently discolor the stone.
* Use a soft cloth and a mild detergent for cleaning purposes.
* Only soak these opals for short periods to experience color changes or for deeper cleaning.
* Never use any type of ultrasonic or vibrational cleaning methods, as your stone may crack.
* Avoid any contact with caustic, highly alkaline solutions, or hydrofluoric acids.
* While highly resistant to cracking, when dropped or brought into contact with hard surfaces  they can break — use caution and remove opals before labor intensive activities or extended periods in the sunlight.

What if I don’t see a Pendant and Gemstone combination I resonate with?

Do you want to customize your pendant with a different stone and design besides what you see on our site? We can work with you to help you choose or create the ideal pendant for your needs. Contact Quantum Stones about Custom Orders.

Are there additional treatments available?

Yes! You may add up to 3 additional frequencies to any pendant. We offer:

Anxiety Healing Release the Feeling
Release Depression and Addictions
Attract Prosperity and Success
Experience Passion and Romance
Attract Money, Love, Success and Balance
Peaceful Sounds of Nature – I Love Gaia
Sea Dreams – Whale and Dolphin Frequencies