Stone People – Mother Earth’s Record Holders

Stone People

Native American tribes believe that Stone People are Mother Earth’s record holders, but what are Stone People? People who don’t know the Language of the Stones mistake Stone People as common rocks. However, they’re more than that. Using their magnetic quality, these stones collect the energy on the planet’s surface and store it for later use. Native Americans use the Stone People’s stored energy for various purposes.

For centuries, medicine people have been using colored stones for healing purposes. The Stone People tell the healers what gifts and talents they possess. Healers find them by river banks, along canyon walls, and in places where they rise to Mother Earth’s surface through erosion. To enhance their healing powers, many medicine people wear clear quartz crystals for focus and clarity.

Native American folklore tells the story of how a Stone Person used its record holding power to save the lives of a young girl and her grandmother. The girl and her grandmother lost their way picking berries. When they finally returned, they discovered that raiders had killed everyone else in their tribe and taken most of the tribe’s food. Close to starving the girl dreamed of a Stone Person calling to her. When she found it along a creek bank, the Stone Person told the girl which herbs, mosses, and plants to use to make a soup. The Stone Person also told her which stones would release nutritious minerals if boiled in the soup. Upon waking up, the girl followed the Stone Person’s directions and made pebble soup. She and her grandmother survived on pebble soup until another band of their nation found them a month later. This is just one story of how Stone People are great teachers that share their knowledge about the planet’s and her children’s history.

As mentioned before, the Stone People speak the Language of Stones. They love to talk with, help, and teach people as long as people listen. The Stone People put themselves in the paths of those who they want to notice them. People who notice them and pick them up feel their special energy.Stone People tell their holders about their gifts. They bring their own lessons to the lives of those who hold them.

The role that Stone People play in each Native American tribe varies. Each tribe has its own set of teachings learned over the centuries from the stones. Tribal medicine people learn these lessons through trial and error. Over time they become tradition. Although each tradition might have different uses for the stones, they all revere the Rock Nation teachings as messages from the Earth Mother.

People who want to learn how to live in harmony on planet Earth must connect with the Stone People. That’s because each stone is part of Mother Earth’s body. Once Mother Earth was one rock. Over time, weather and geological events separated the smaller stones from her. Using the stones to slow down their minds helps people bring balance and serenity to their lives. When people are unable to bring balance to their lives, they overeat, talk too much, suffer from addictions and compulsions, and behave erratically. Holding a stone serves as grounding force that lets people feel the security and nurturing influence of Mother Earth. As long as people are willing to connect with the Stone Teachers, they can receive the gift of Mother Earth’s great fount of wisdom.

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