Amethyst – Solar Egyptian Amulet

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A striking healing crystal that is the stone of royalty and spiritual awakening, amethyst produces feelings of warmth and compassion towards one’s self and the oneness of mankind. Believed to activated the 3rd Eye and Crown chakras, these healing crystals are commonly used in meditation to activate subconscious knowledge, tap into Akashic Records, and to communicate with otherworldly guides from the spiritual realms.

True to its royal roots, the addition of the cartouche of the Sky God Horus amplifies cosmic communications, and the adornment of the Sig Rune promotes solar energies to connect one with divine senses that allow for a greater sense of ‘all-knowing.’ The Amethyst Solar Egyptian Amulet is the perfect tool for those seeking to advance their spiritual growth.

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Our Quantum Stones Solar Egyptian Amulets feature authentic high-quality stones, sterling silver adornments, and are backed with a 30 day money back guarantee. Each amulet is infused with 3 powerful harmonics using our exclusive LightShield™ quantum scalar wave frequency programs – The Sound of the Sun, The Sound of Earth, and Shield My Aura.

For a nominal cost you can customize and upgrade your amulet with up to 3 additional frequencies or opt to add an elegant sterling silver chain. Included with every pendant is a leather cord in your choice of length (22, 24, or 26 in.) and a stylish case and gift box!

Product Specs:

Stone Rating: A
Height: 50mm (1.96 inches)
Width:  40mm (1.57 inches)
Depth:  8mm (0.31 inch)
Total Weight:  21grams (0.74 oz)
Stone Carat Weight:  100 Carats
Chakra: 7th Crown
Chakra Color: Violet
Chakra Sense: “I Know”
Chakra Gland: Pineal
Chakra Soul Issues: To become self conscious.


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