Lapis Lazuli w/Garnet & White Topaz – Galactic Compass

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The brilliance and power of lapis lazuli stones has long been associated with the Sky Gods and Goddesses such as Horus and Isis and was considered a stone of protection and wisdom for rulers and the elite in ancient cultures. This incredibly striking Lapis Lazuli stone is wrapped in .925 sterling silver and features a combination of 57 genuine garnets and white topaz crystals that amplify this amulet’s vibrational resonance. This quantum infused Lapis Lazuli Galactic Compass Amulet is the collective design vision of Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzsis and the creator of Quantum Stones.

The intention of the Galactic Compass is to assist users in finding their direction and path in their spiritual and physical journeys. Hence, the strategic placement around the compass’ dial with the natural elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth placed at the points of North, East, South and West to allow the forces of nature to inspire your decisions with clarity. Lapis Lazuli awakens the third eye and brown chakras to promote receptivity to spiritual communications, visions and universal wisdom. Many seeking to attain the ability to tap into Akashic Records utilize this stone during their efforts.

The mystical healing and protective powers of lapis lazuli are enhanced by garnets and white topaz accents throughout the piece. Garnets are used to activate the chakras and help cleanse negative energies that cause mental cloudiness and disharmony that can hinder one’s ability to make contact with divine spirit and fulfill their earthly and cosmic missions. White topaz is a stone of spirtual development, healing and truth that aims to assist in manifestation of desires and to help users align with their authentic intentions. Infused with three powerful LightShield™ quantum infusions, this Galactic Compass can help you become a Galactic Historian, too!


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This exclusive collaboration effort by Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis and the team at Quantum Stones has brought forth one of our most striking and powerful pendants to date. Each Galactic Compass Amulet is backed with a 100% guarantee of quality and authenticity and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee of satisfaction. Each pendant has been quantum infused with our patented LightShield™ sacred harmonics of the Sound of Sun, Sound of Earth and Shield My Aura, and up to three additional frequencies can be added upon request for a nominal charge. Pendants arrive gift ready in a plush jewelry case, a stylish gift box, a leather or stainless steel chain of your choosing and a handy polishing cloth.


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