Rainbow Labradorite w/Amethyst & White Topaz – Galactic Compass

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“This stone is one-of-a-kind, and the pendant in the photo is an example of what you will receive.”

Distinctive in beauty and brilliance, rainbow labradorite truly captures the essence of cosmos. Believed by the Inuits to have hailed from the Aurora Borealis, these stones are historically used to contact divine spirits, promote mystical powers and to aid in traversing between the natural and cosmic realms in search of knowledge and greater intuition. This captivating torus stone is wrapped with a .925 sterling silver Galactic Compass designed to direct and guide users towards their true spiritual journey and cosmic path.

Laden with genuine amethyst to block and cleanse negative energy, promote clarity so that one can fulfill their higher self’s goals upon the bail, it is surrounded by lustrous White Topaz–a healing stone of truth and spiritual development that can allow one to attain and accept higher truths received from otherworldly sources. In combination with rainbow labradorite and the guidance of the Galactic Compass, users can also accelerate their healing journey, as these stones are ideal for working with the shadow self.

The culmination of a visionary design collaboration between Quantum Stones and noted Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzsis, the Galactic Compass Amulet collection is an ideally balanced healing tool. To assist users in connecting and opening up to the divine elements of nature, symbols of the four vital elements are placed upon the compass dial’s surround. This unique, one-of-a-kind pendant is infused with three of our most popular LightShield™ harmonic infusions and will be a remarkable addition to your healing jewelry collection.

“This stone is one-of-a-kind, and the pendant in the photo is the actual one you will receive.”

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This custom Rainbow Labradorite Galactic Compass with amethyst and white topaz is harmonically infused with our patented LightShield™ frequencies of the Sound of Sun, Sound of Earth and Shield My Aura to amplify its vibrational resonance and energy. When ordering, you may request up to three more harmonics for an additional fee. Your healing tool will arrive in a gift ready box, polishing cloth and a chain or cord of your choosing. Every Quantum Stone is backed with a guarantee of authenticity and satisfaction with a money-back 30-day guarantee and arrives in a gift ready box along with a polishing cloth.


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