Clear Quartz w/Amethyst & White Topaz– Galactic Compass

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Are you seeking to activate the higher chakras and tap into divine wisdom? Are you looking for one of the most versatile stones to assist you on your spiritual journey and search for higher realms? Tap into higher realms, psychic energies, and allow the white light of the Divine to flow through you with the assistance of the healing powers of the Clear Quartz Galactic Compass adorned with 57 genuine amethysts and healing white topaz.

This beautiful .925 sterling silver compass design is a collaboration between Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzsis and Quantum Stones. Crafted with the symbols of the natural elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth around the compass, this tool is intended to help give wearers a greater sense of clarity and direction of purpose. Highly vibrational Clear Quartz is considered a powerful master stone of amplification for other crystals and gemstones that be programmed for any intention the wearer sets. Our patented quantum infusions make each stone and crystal resonate at a higher vibration for greater healing potential.

Both clear quartz and amethyst are commonly used for activating the third eye, crown and soul star chakras to ignite spiritual awakening, development and for promoting otherworldly cosmic connections with a receptive heart for higher truths. White topaz is a strong healing stone of spiritual development believed to transmute dark energies into those of light for those seeking freedom from emotional baggage and negative sentients. Infused with three patented LightShield™ harmonic infusions, this beautiful Galactic Compass Amulet is the perfect tool for individuals desiring to discover their higher self and galactic soul mission.


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This stunning Galactic Compass Clear Quartz w/ Amethyst and White Topaz Amulet collectively designed by Andrew Bartzis and Quantum Stones is backed with a complete guarantee of satisfaction. All of our stones gemstones are 100% authentic are quantum infused with our exclusive LightShield™ harmonic infusions of the Sound of Sun, Sound of Earth, Shield My Aura. Pendants can be customized with up to three additional frequencies at an additional charge. Your amulet will arrive in a plush jewelry case and gift box along with a leather or stainless steel chain of your choice and polishing cloth.



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