Galactic Vortex Clear Quartz w/Amethyst Amulet

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Look no further for a mystical stone that can propel your mystical journeys, astral travel, and better dream recall. Lose yourself in the captivating motion of the Celtic spiral, setting your intentions for initiation, direction, progress, and expansion as it radiates ethereal energy inward and outward. The Galactic Vortex combines Clear Quartz, the master stone of the mineral kingdom, with a calming 8MM trillion-cut amethyst crystal,  making it one of our most powerful shielding and healing stones.

Quartz is revered as a cleansing and balancing tool and is easy to program intentions into. Amethyst, like clear quartz, activates the 3rd Eye, Crown, and Soul Star chakras to promote ones sense of connection with the divine and the Higher Self. If you’re looking to make ‘progress’ on any aspect of your mind/body/spirit journey, the constant motion of this beautiful pendant will help keep you mindful on the goal and in the present moment for more powerful manifestation abilities.

Each Pendant in the Galactic Vortex Line features a small magnet behind the center stone to increase its healing potential. ****Please Note: Consult a physician prior to using our magnet enhanced jewelry if you wear a pacemaker or similar medical device.

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Quantum Stones’ Galactic Vortex Amulet Series features authentic, high-quality (A, AA, and AAA rated) crystals and stones. Each hand-crafted piece features a stunning 8MM trillion-cut faceted gemstone. Each amulet is quantum infused using our exclusive LightShield scalar waves frequencies and embedded with 3 powerful sacred harmonics programs:

~ Sound of the Sun ~ Sound of Earth ~ Shield My Aura ~

You can customize and upgrade your amulet with up to 3 additional frequencies or opt to add a .095 sterling silver chain. Included with these pendants are your choice of a free stainless steel chain OR leather cord (22, 24, or 26 in.) and stylish gift box!

*** Please Note: Consult a physician prior to using our magnet enhanced jewelry if you wear a pacemaker or similar medical device. ***


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