Red Jasper w/Citrine SOL Amulet

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If you seek more energy, additional protection from negative energies, want better dream recall, or aspire to take Shamanic journeys, the Seed of Life Red Jasper w/Citrine Amulet is an excellent aid. The fire and earth properties of red jasper ground on the the earthly plane, helping live a more balanced, focused, and centered life while promoting creativity, mental acumen, and leaves one’s Lower Chakra system invigorated.

Citrine is a stone a creativity and activates the Solar Plexus chakra – the powerhouse of the body – and can help alleviate physical symptoms of the digestive and nervous systems. This beautiful combination’s resonance is enhanced by the Seed of Life – the source of all creation.

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Quantum Stones’ Signature Seed Of Life Amulet Series features authentic high-quality stones and gems. Each hand-crafted piece features a genuine 6mm center-cut gemstone. Each amulet and crystal is infused with 3 powerful harmonics using our exclusive LightShield™ quantum scalar waves and frequency programs – Sound of the Sun, Sound of Earth, and Shield My Aura. For a nominal cost you can customize and upgrade your amulet with up to 3 additional frequencies or opt to add a .095 sterling silver chain. Included with every pendant is a  free leather cord (22, 24, or 26 in.) and a free gift box!

CITRINE: This grounding and centering gem balances Yin Yang energies and promotes creativity, focus, and problem solving abilities. Citrine activates the solar plexus chakra, bringing one more comfort following their ‘gut’ instincts while stimulating open mindedness.

Product Specs:

Stone Rating: AA
Height: 50mm (1.96 inches)
Width:  40mm (1.57 inches)
Depth:  8mm (0.31 inch)
Total Weight:  28grams (0.98 oz)
Stone Carat Weight: 90 Carats
Chakra: 1st Root
Chakra Color: Red
Chakra Sense: “I AM”
Chakra Gland: Adrenals
Chakra Soul Issues: To be part of the living universe.


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