TerraBathe (5-Pounds)

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Soak away muscle aches and pains, impurities in the skin, and detoxify deep beneath the pores with TerraBathe clay mineral clay bath. This calcium montmorillonite clay mineral compound is a revolutionary health and beauty treatment sought after by the some of the most prominent health spas in the world.

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Tired, exhausted skin simply refuses to glow and look its best, and as the largest organ of the body, those cells work hard day in and day out to stave off environmental damage from the sun and pollution. Not to mention the internal toxins that inevitably try to escape through those pores! Mineral clay baths have been noted for their healing and beautification properties for centuries, and TerraBath lets you bring this hydro therapy miracle into your own home to enhance your bathing experience.

Cleansing and detoxification of the body is an essential part of any holistic healing effort – it’s hard to cleanse and purify the mind/body/spirit when your physical vessel is bogged down with impurities! Take the first step to stone healing and meditation with a gentle daily detox clay regimen with NASA tested and approved TerraMin 2-in1 Mineral Supplement, and use TerraBathe for additional skin toning and free-radical fighting benefits.