TerraMin Powder 1-pound Jar

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Mind, Body, and Spirit – making the connection and embracing your wholeness as a universal immortal being is a worthwhile effort, but not a journey that can be completed overnight or with one step. Detoxification and mineralization are vital to this process, and TerraMin offers an all in one solution for both.

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Although, we all occupy bodies of varying health levels and we each have our own current mental state, one thing we have in common is a goal to heal. TerraMin 2-in-1 Mega Minerals Powder is one of the most natural clay detox regimens in the world and is sourced directly from the reputable California Earth Mineral mine – the only calcium montmorillonite clay source in the world tested by NASA. TerraMin’s powerful ionic charges allow it to seamlessly remove toxins while leaving your body filled with a daily dose of essential nutrients in a pure, chelated form for optimal mineral assimilation.

Just some of the benefits you’ll get from a daily dose of TerraMin’s 57 essential and trace minerals include:

    • Gentle daily detox, kills parasites, pathogens, and bacteria internally and externally.
    • Aids metabolism for weight management.
    • Completely mineralizes the body and aids in muscle building.
    • Total source of calcium strengthens and improved bone density.
    • Strengthens the immune system, regulates the function of major organs.
    • Cleanses blood supplies and arterial walls, excellent for heart health.

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