Rainbow Labradorite w/Opal SOL Amulet (G003M)

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***The pendant in the image is the actual piece you’ll receive, as each of these stones are unique.***

We’ve harnessed the powerful energy of sacred geometry and combined it with 3 powerful quantum infusions of nature and two glorious stones that capture the hues of the full color spectrum — magical rainbow labradorite and mystical Wegel Tena Opals. If you’re seeking to tap into your inner mystical qualities and free yourself from old ‘baggage’ while embracing new beginnings and greater happiness, this lovely Seed of Life Amulet is calling your name!

As a stone of magic and cosmic energy, rainbow labradorite just calls to the spiritual nature that resides within our soul. This powerful shielding stone is superior for those looking to banish fears, temper their negative temperament, or to free themselves of addictive compulsions. Those seeking greater clarity and comfort in social situations will appreciate the addition of the centrally placed opal — a stone of happiness and changes — that lessens anxiety and burdensome insecurities. Many users of opal seem to experience a ‘Yoda’ effect, where they fade into the background or manifest the ability to unwittingly ‘change the outcome’ of circumstances.

Through testing in an independent laboratory, we’ve discovered that the Seed of Life’s energetic resonance seems to have a life of its own! In fact, it seems to be one of the most powerful  pendants we offer, so it was a natural addition to include such incredibly active stones such as opals and labradorite. Watch your mind, body, spirit journey flourish with this beauty! Learn more about the incredible and unusual manifestation powers exhibited by  the Seed of Life Series that an independent laboratory discovered and find out more about the meaning and healing potential of this sacred geometry symbol itself through the link.

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Quantum Stones’ exclusive Seed Of Life Rainbow Labradorite w/ Opal Amulet Series features authentic high-quality stones and gems. Each hand-crafted piece is unique and is  infused with 3 of our most powerful harmonics using our patented LightShield™ quantum scalar waves and frequency programs:

~ Sound of the Sun ~ Sound of Earth ~ Shield My Aura ~

For a nominal cost you can customize and upgrade your amulet with up to 3 additional frequencies or opt to add a .095 sterling silver chain. Included with every pendant you get to choose between a free stainless steel chain or leather cord (22, 24, or 26 in.) and it comes with a polishing cloth and a stylish gift box!

***Due to the fragility of opals, the Rainbow Labradorite Seed of Life Series does NOT include a healing magnet.***

Product Specs:

Stone Rating: A
Height: 50mm (1.96 inches)
Width:  40mm (1.57 inches)
Depth:  8mm (0.31 inch)
Total Weight:  28grams (0.98 oz)
Stone Carat Weight: 90 Carats
Chakra: 4th Heart
Chakra Color: Green
Chakra Sense: “I Love”
Chakra Gland: Thymus
Chakra Soul Issues: To give and receive Love without conditions to listen to Love.


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