Tree of Romance Purple Imperial Jasper Amulet – Round (D001)


(You will receive the actual pendant in the photo – It’s one-of-a-kind!)

Do you feel like the world is coming to an end when you are separated from your significant other? Are you burdened under the weight of old heart breaks, disappointing relationships, insecurities and feelings of ‘not being good enough’ for so-and-so? We have the perfect tool to raise your vibrations and assist you in transforming your mind, body, and spirit, so you can progress in your quest for harmony in love and life – this exquisite Tree of Romance Purple Imperial Jasper Amulet.

This nurturing, protective healing crystal reminds us – that like a tree – we must all work together to prosper, sustain, and regenerate as a species. It reminds us that we are here to love and help others and opens up the ideas using intentions for actual physical manifestation. It’s hues remind us of magic, the sun and moon, and the shimmering stars that blanket the cosmos.

Imperial jasper’s mystical, lunar properties promote receptivity to the idea of sending loving energy across distances and connect with a partner, especially in soul mate/twin flame relationships. This pendant features our 3 standard scalar wave frequency infusions –  PLUS, it is infused with a 4th harmonic – the powerful “Experience Passion and Romance” frequency to ignite the passion. If you’ve been waiting on a truly remarkable piece to add to your collection, this hand-crafted Tree of Romance pendant is calling your name!

(You will receive the actual pendant in the photo – It’s one-of-a-kind!)

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This Tree of Romance Amulet features an authentic 30mm round purple imperial jasper wrapped with .095 sterling silver. Every single piece is unique and hand-crafted, ensuring there will be NO OTHER Tree of Romance Amulet like yours! Your pendant will be quantum infused with 4 powerful scalar wave harmonic frequencies:

~ Experience Passion & Romance – Sound of Sun – Sound of Earth – Shield My Aura ~

However, you can opt to have up to 3 additional harmonics infused into your amulet! You’ll also receive a free stainless steel rope chain of your choice of 22, 24, or 26 inches and a stylish gift-ready presentation box with every pendant. We’re also offering additional upgrades like high-quality Sterling Silver Chains to enhance the attractiveness and energetic field of your Tree of Romance quantum stone. Remember, What you see in each photo is the ACTUAL pendant that you will receive, so be sure to take a peek at the entire collection of distinct pendants before choosing one that most captures your imagination and pleases your visual senses.


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