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Quantum Stones invites like-minded companies and entrepreneurs to join forces with us in a collaborative effort to help boost your online presence and credibility. Our website enjoys a steady stream of traffic, and we have an active Facebook following with over 80,000 fans that we would like to introduce your brand to. Collaborators can tap into our large Facebook social network by authorizing us to publish approved post linking back to your site on QuantumStones.com, and we’ll also share them with our Facebook Fan Page audience. Examples of topics our readers engage with and share the most include:

Health & Wellness – Personal & Spiritual Development – Nature & Environment – Pets – Organic Living – Public Interest Topics – Natural Healing & Remedies

Our content strategist and writing team can create high-quality, informative blog posts customized to your specifications with keywords and topics that will actively engage both our audience and yours. You own full copyright privileges to each ghostwritten post, and an authorship byline of your choosing can be included. Skilled writers who want to share their knowledge with our audience or build a portfolio can submit articles for publication for a small editing and posting fee. We also offer options to ‘boost’ your posts and give articles the potential to reach millions of readers for potential client conversions.

Key Benefits for Advertisers

  • FacebookArticles will be posted on QuantumStones.com’s highly trafficked blog and Facebook fan page in addition to a promotional link being included in our bi-weekly newsletter for our subscribers.
  • Backlinks will help build Goggle raking for advertisers and collaborators, and our goal is to get your custom crafted article highly rated in Google Search engines for maximum traffic.
  • Receive like and shares from our social media platform with the potential for millions of views and the opportunity for articles to go viral.
  • We take care of all the Facebook backend boosting, and you will receive a steady stream of traffic for the period. Collaborators can have several articles posted and boosted at a time.

Sample Viral Articles

If you want to see your articles get noticed like these samples, review our pricing and audience reach demographics below.

Article Writing and Boosting Pricing

All article topic requests for ghostwriting and previously written article submissions must be approved by our editor to ensure they meet our quality standards and have the intention of sharing useful information for readers. Our standard pricing model is below:

Ghostwritten Articles: (500-525 words): $50.00 (4-5 days to create)
Post Your Written APPROVED Article: FREE with any Article Boost: (send a photo and bio w/post)

Article boosts on (FaceBook) our Social Media Platform:

1 Month Boost: $50.00
2 Month Boost: $100.00
3 Month Boost: $300.00 (receives additional exposure than standard monthly boosts)

This is a collaboration effort, and we don’t make any money from advertising. These fees compensate our writers, editors and content strategists that handle the back-half work such as setting up custom biographies, placing your photos, formatting articles, etc.

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Quantum Stones Audience and Social Media Presence

As you can see, we reach a broad audience of men and women on our Facebook Fan Page of various age ranges. These charts break down the specific demographics of our fans, followers and engaged viewers.

Our People Reached

Our Fans:

Our Followers:

Our Followers

Our People Reached:

Our People Reached

People Engaged:

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