CoSM The Movie Explores the Creative Genius of Artist Alex Grey

Artist Alex Grey

Known as one of the most imaginative and prolific painters in our time, artist and author Alex Grey participates in a rare set of interviews – taking you on an exploration of the multiple dimensions of the human body and spirit. CoSM The Movie is a visual masterpiece, compiling 77 minutes of the most inspiring sentiments of this self-professed psychedelic explorer.

Join Artist Alex Grey on a Mind Altering Visual Experience

Take this enigmatic odyssey through the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and discover the meaning and concepts behind some of the most spectacular pieces that were displayed in this exhibit. Life, death, the transitions that occur between those stages, and the discovery of one’s higher potential self through spiritual awakening are the embodiment of many works. CoSM The Movie literally forces you to consider the universality of all humans and the interconnectedness of all sentient beings in the universe.

View images of the Sacred Mirror masterpieces here, and watch check out the trailer documentary’s below.

The ‘Now’ of CoSM – A Newer Home and Journey, Same Inspirational Mission

Today, the mission of the ‘new’ Chapel of Sacred Mirrors has a permanent home in Wappingtons Falls, NY. Its goal is to serve as an enduring haven of visionary art to inspire and promote the creative spirit. CoSM is a respite and an innovative cultural nexus that aims to further the spiritual practice of art through various workshops and cultural programs – often hosted by the artist Alex Grey and his wife Allyson. Also a functioning B&B, you can enjoy overnight stays in this amazing 40-acre retreat.

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