The Benefits of Nitric Oxide and Effects on Inflammation

Fighting Inflammation

Is your body telling you something is ‘off’ through the expression of visible inflammation? Or perhaps you are struggling with acute or chronic inflammatory related conditions such as a form of arthritis, coronary artery disease, IBS, coeliac disease, allergies or asthma?

Fighting InflammationIf so, you’re amid more than half the population suffering from inflammation, which is a precursor to numerous health problems and forms of dis’eases’ humanity suffers from today. Fortunately, a little known ‘signaling molecule’ called nitric oxide (NO) enables healthy inflammation response throughout various stages of its development. Unless you are a proponent of naturopathic health, your symptoms are likely currently being treated with prescription and OTC drugs.

Are they working for you, side effect free? If not, do you want a natural solution for inflammation? If so, read on to learn more about the causes of inflammation and how nitric oxide alleviates this condition and an array of others.

Inflammation—The Body’s ‘Defense’ That Sometimes Attacks

Fighting InflammationInflammation is the result of vascular flow increases as a natural response to some form of injury or underlying condition. Inflammation is essentially a self-defense mechanism. When in a state of trauma, a mass of white blood cells are released into the affected tissues via the bloodstream with the goal of protecting the body from foreign substances.

An unfortunate side effect of this process often over stimulates nerves, sources pain and blocks vital ‘messages’ between systems. Without alleviating swelling in the blood vessels, the body may stay in a constant state of inflammation which sources numerous chronic conditions so common today.

Within the last few decades of research, scientists have confirmed that ample amounts of nitric oxide play a vital role in human health. This includes preventing and alleviating numerous conditions including blood vessel inflammation and blood clots—two potentially life threatening concerns we face.

Fighting Inflammation

Science Supports Nitric Oxide’s Role in Healthy Inflammation Response

Some of the most prolific studies concerning nitric oxide for reducing and preventing blood vessel inflammation hail from scientists at John Hopkins Medicine. These investigations determined that NO basically prevents blood clots through the alleviation of inflammatory substances that inhibit endothelial cells (the innermost lining of blood vessels).

Fighting InflammationClots tend to form when blood vessels are constricted or inflamed, and NO has the ability to regulate exocytosis (cells transporting molecules out of the cell via secretion). Research indicates that exocytosis regulation with nitric oxide contributes to numerous key functions beyond inflammation relief and blood clot prevention.

For example, exocytosis from lymphocytes helps reduce autoimmune damage and exocytosis from neurons can decrease neurotoxicity in strokes and limit heart muscle damage post-heart attack. These discoveries led to the creation of dozens of drugs over time. While they may be effective to some to a degree, why not get ample nitric oxide into the body without a side effect-laden prescription?

Help Your Body Produce More Nitric Oxide Naturally

NITRO XTREME contain noni fruit extracts that the body can utilize to naturally produce ample nitric oxide—the body’s most essential signaling molecule. Those looking for one supplement that can help support healthy inflammatory responses, boost cognitive function, support nutrient absorption and elevate the immune system will appreciate the ease and affordability of NITRO EXTREME.

Medical Disclaimer: Despite the references provided, the information on this site is intended for educational purposes only. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. Please refer for advise and treatment by a licensed physician.


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