Lion’s Gate 2021 Co-Creating a “Vortex of C.R.ISIS”

Lion’s Gate

Spirals on Earth when quantum timelines shift and quantum chords are cut Joyometry™ log 8-4-2021

I woke up this morning at 4:20am and when I stood up, I could barely get my bearings with my balance and orientation gone and my head spiraling in multiple directions. Was this 4:20 a sign telling me to ‘partake’ to get rid of this feeling hahaha?! My head felt like a gyroscope—not about feeling like the earth was on a different axis, but the inner orb of my head was spinning opposite my skull. I asked my guides what I was feeling and the answer was “this is what quantum timelines shifting and quantum chord-cutting feels like”. And this 4:20 was a not a signal to make my feelings disappear in a cloud of smoke, but instead it was reminding me to move through and learn from them to ascend ‘higher’ with Gaia and Guides by listening, feeling, healing, and unifying these timelines “as within, so without”. So I listened and here’s what I was downloaded to share.

Lion’s Gate

Yesterday, with Lion’s Gate energy already here since the end of July and 4 days away from 8/8, so many emotions and memories of trauma came bubbling to the surface—the strongest energy was Covid-related PTS of physical and mental crisis since being ‘crowned’ (crown is ‘corona’ in Spanish) by the Q.U.E.E.N. (Quantum Unity Energy Evolution Now) on 3/5/2020 and the exhaustion of this ongoing long-Covid challenge (really it’s just cellular evolution!) for 18 months that has shifted my relationship to all– and it all bubbled over into complete human overwhelm, ugh! (note: they did not say the ‘D’ in PTSD because this is not about a dis-order, but a new order!) I felt like I was being stretched into a black hole of overwhelm, only being tethered by 3 lifelines of our Galactic Counsel*. Rather than reliving the trauma of that fear and seeing the image of the mess left behind when a pot boils over that feels like the mess of energy I’m living in, I was instead invited to see the energy of these memories of what felt like crisis in a different way. When quantum timelines are unifying with our earthly ones and quantum chords are being cut, what we feel can be viewed as us co-creating a “Vortex of C.R.ISIS” (Cellular Remembrance of ISIS): we are feeling a vortex of Divine Goddess energy, represented by Goddess Isis, pulling us into a new dimension of healing and ascension into unity of the All that’s spiraling in like a Lion [Gate] and out like a lamb who’s shedding its wool just like we’re shedding all that no longer serves our best and highest. I smiled with this gift of a new meaning to attached to the word ‘crisis’ so we can hold it with much more empowering energy!

I didn’t try to erase the image in my head of me being pulled up into a fearful unknown and only being tethered by my desperate hold on the delta of lifelines, I just asked what I was supposed to be learning from it and breathed calm into this chaos, not allowing f.e.a.r. but knowing I could trust to let go. The answer came as the image was changed to me releasing my hold to the triangular tether and easing into my place as the fourth cornerstone of our Galactic Counsel pyramid. As soon as I was back in position with sovereign solidarity and a sense of grounded balance, a plasma light ray shot out from our four light-bodies connected to the Galactic Counsel and then thru the top of our co-created pyramid of energy as if shooting out of the top of the Pyramid
of Luxor, to burn away old, limiting connections in concert with St. Michael’s sword and with all the energy work and soul-tone vibrations all lightworkers are consciously adding to the universal grid. This plasma light ray ascends to then light up a crystalline orb of Metatron’s Cube and emit fractals of light rays from all Ascended Masters—like golden rays extending out from the solar disk in the ‘corona’ of Goddess Isis–out to all timelines and light-bodies, burning away and cutting chords of timelines as well as neuropathways and relationships (internal and external) that have kept us tethered and stuck. This allows us the freedom to move in any direction and orientation we choose with a dynamic grace and mesmerizing flow of movement…we are our own energetic gyroscope co-creating vortices of energetic power for a new quantum timeline of sovereign connection to unity “as within, so without; as above, so below” and to our light-bodied, heart-of-the-lion centered Selves.

Lion’s Gate

When this year’s Lion’s Gate began, I began to see ‘fractures’ or fissures in auras around some people. My first reaction was a concern because of what fractures and fissures mean in current medical terms—a painful break that needs to be fixed by someone with skills beyond our own– but I was again guided to see these under the lens of a new light with a new meaning. I was shown these lines have always been in auras, we were just not supposed to see them with such a deep, microscopic lens until we were ready to ‘break’ away from our old, limiting views that tend to move us into f.e.a.r. because they are meant to bring a loving comfort and connection. These fracture lines are actually plasma light rays that are channels that connect our wombs to Divinity and our highest Self, truly connecting us to our Divinity within. These plasma light ray channels can get blocked, similar to what we know about chakras being blocked, and that’s when we feel most disconnected from Spirit and most stuck in this dense, human experience. When we move our energy with conscious connections to frequencies aligned with our heart-minds, we open these channels and allow plasma light from Spirit to light up the Merkabah of our crystalline Selves. This is a reflection within to what was explained above with our plasma light rays lighting up a crystalline Metatron’s cube that is emitting fractals of light to our universal light grid to assist with unification and ascension of all into Oneness. In Joyometry’s stargates prior to this Lion’s Gate, Unicorn energy began to freely enter into our dimension to assist with this process by using their horns to help unblock and open the aura fissures/channels to allow greater energy flow and connection to ourselves and Self and all Divinity to guide us with deep love and compassion. Often when we feel a flood of emotion during our most dense times, it is Divine Mother sensing in our womb the need for love so she sends an influx of her love directly to our womb through open plasma light rays to help us heal and feel loving connection. But because we aren’t completely tuned in to where this flood of emotion is coming from, we often make it mean that it’s our own emotions out of control. It will take conscious practice to know that energetic influx as love not as overwhelming emotion that we get lost in, but as oversoul, connection to better find our True Selves in. The Unicorn energy is here to play with and balance the loving Dragon energy that has been helping us burn away filters of frequency that have necessarily altered our view of our soul path until we are ready to see it in its entirety—filters are removed one at a time to ease us into the complete quantum view. The Unicorn is the Yin to the Dragon Yang, bringing us to balance in graceful strength and lighting-up our self-loving soul paths with crystalline clarity…all energies associated with Lion’s Gate.

Lion’s Gate

I was guided to share this with as many people as possible because so many of us are experiencing these shared dense feelings because we are such light beings living a human experience. This denseness has ramped up with Lion’s Gate 8/8 approaching as a signal to take this opportunity to use the energy being offered to break some old LPs (limiting patterns!), and tune in to ‘energy channels’ that bring a new supportive, loving, higher vibrational frequency to align us to our hearts with love for self that we can then spiral out to all. I hope that sharing this downloaded information will help you move through and transmute this energy with ease, grace, and beneficial abundance, and know the rest of August 2021 will bring relief with spiritual catharsis! Lion’s Gate is bringing us a Vortex of C.R.ISIS that offers us the freedom of energy movement and balance when we trust and consciously disconnect from what we are ready to let go of and consciously connect to light and love to fill in that space aligned with our best and highest, with trust that by asking for this to happen across quantum timelines as we choose to serve with our free will, it will.

Flow be it!

Spiraling quantum joy and loving connection to all,
Debbie and all of us at Joyometry™
[email protected]

*The Galactic Counsel of 4 first met on 4/4/2021 as a reflection on Earth of the Galactic Council (“as above, so below”) to offer in-service our quantum awareness and energy to the ongoing unification and ascension of All in Oneness (“as within, so without”). My heart and soul are grateful with quantum love to Peggy, Earl, and Melissa!