Master of Mandalas: Spotlight on Artist Adam Millward

Artist Adam Millward

In just four years, Adam Millward has transformed his life and the lives of others in profound ways with his visual creations. From sitting in a call center 40 hours a week for 17 years to spending his days as a full time artist, this enlightened soul brings beauty into the world by creating magnificent mandalas that simply radiate positive energy.

Much in the fashion of Bob Ross, Adam’s rsz_untitled-16pieces are all drawn free hand – no rulers, protractors, or sketching – Adam just allows each piece to ‘flow,’ and the results are always astonishing. While he’s not a formally trained artist, he has had the privilege of taking a number of workshops with a notable and enlightened artists at Alex Grey’s stunning Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (COSM) in Wappinger’s Falls, New York. His primary medium is acrylic on canvas, but he’s also known for creating captivating skate board decks and other treasures as the inspiration strikes.

"Event Horizon"

Ask him about the source of his inspiration and you’ll hear phrases like ‘quantum entanglement,’ ‘the individuality, yet the oneness of all things,’ and ‘our connection to infinity.’ His passion and enthusiasm is immeasurable as he states, “By doing something with passion and dedication, I think you can get results that will inspire other people. My art is meant to help each person see/seek their own unique beauty/talent/passion and together we can raise the quantum state of our reality!” Hear him for yourself in this video interview of the Canadian artist.


Check out Adam Millward’s captivating collection at and if you’re looking for something specific, he’ll happily make a custom mandala that captures the essence of your ‘ Nexus Vision!’

Optic Boom


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