Is a Particle Accelerator In NYC?

Particle Accelerator

We all remember that they were planning to build a Mosque 2 blocks from WTC. Well they pushed those plans to be completed in 2017, or did they?

I had read William Henry’s book last year “The Illuminator”, where he had a picture of Meru rod from a 2nd century Chinese manuscript. He had worked with digital artist Jack Andrews, who rendered the Meru drawing in 3-D by computer. A detail  of the base of the Meru pillar rendered in 3-D, appears to create a vortex. William Henry writes- Relaxing after a presentation on this subject in Florida a few years ago, a scientist approached me. He told me he was asleep through most of my presentation… until I “put up that blueprint.

“Blueprint? What blueprint?” I asked.

He fished through my slides until he came to a 2nd century drawing of the Meru pillar or tower. In my talk I had presented it as an example of a possible ‘Grail tuner’ and a candidate for the rod shown in Jesus’ hand in early Christian art.

“That blueprint,” he responded.

Studying the drawing, the scientist told me that he designed particle beam weapons for a living. Laser cannons. Light sabers. “You know, Stars Wars-type weapons,” he said.

“Your Meru drawing is a blueprint for a particle accelerator,” he said knowingly. Squeezing his thumb and forefinger together to mimic a pincer, he said the weapon is designed to rotate on the circular platform. The ‘horns’ modulate the pulse emanating from the weapon.”

Presented here is a comparison of the base of the Meru drawing with a plan for a cyclotron, an early 20th century particle accelerator designed by Ernest O. Livermore in 1929 and developed in the early 1930s (coincident with America’s shift to a technologically based society). The cyclotron was a necessary technology used in the splitting of the atom and the development of the A-bomb.

One can see that the Meru drawing is an axis that resembles an antenna (or a microwave weapon from Star Wars). There’s a reason for this. One well-known scholar of Buddhism quoted by Victoria LePage, Lama Anagarika Govinda, says Meru is,
“the seat of cosmic powers, the axis which connects the earth with the universe, the super-antenna for the inflow and out flow of the spiritual energies of our planet.” 
Today, scientists call these ‘spiritual energies’ high energy cosmic rays.-William Henry

When I read and saw the very likely explanations and diagrams of the ancient Meru rod by William Henry and the 3-D digital drawing by Jack Andrews it occurred to me that I had seen this antenna before- on top of the Freedom Tower. Which not only resembles the Meru rod/particle accelerator, but also resembles a Muslim Minaret.

A minaret is a feature of Islamic architecture and is the place from where the call to prayer is sent out. They are also known as a manār or manāra in Arabic, meaning place of fire or light (nar or our). Minarets have been described as the “gate from heaven and earth”.


Mount Meru is a sacred mountain (same as Mount Olympus) with five peaks in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist cosmology and is considered to be the center of all the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes.

Meru (Sanskrit: मेरु), also called Sumeru (Sanskrit) or Sineru (Pāli) (Tibetan: ཪི་རྒྱལ་པོ་རི་རབ་), to which can be added the approbatory prefix su-, resulting in the meaning “excellent Meru” or “wonderful Meru” and Mahameru i.e. “Great Meru” (Chinese: 須彌山 Xumi Shan;Pāli Neru; Burmese: မြင်းမိုရ် Myinmo).

Many famous Hindu and similar Jain as well as Buddhist temples have been built as symbolic representations of this mountain. The highest point (the finial bud) on the pyatthat, a Burmese-style multi-tiered roof, represents Mount Meru.


“Today, an evolutionary leap is unfolding. Scientists imagine using giant, advanced space-based particle accelerators that resemble the Meru drawings to open gateways in space called wormholes to allow travel to galaxies billions of miles away, such as Cern. Coincidentally, these wormholes are symbolized by the Meru symbol . Is this also merely coincidence? Are we on the brink of rebuilding a bridge to the heavens, a new gate?”- Or are we being subject to mind control via vaporized metals in chemtrails using the frequencies being emitted from these high tech antennas, or both? Either way I believe we are living on the “New Atlantis”.

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