The Super Memory Harnessing Powers of the Superman Crystal

Superman Crystal

Superman was said to be ‘the man of steel’ with the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, to move faster than a speeding bullet, and to be more powerful than a locomotive. So, it comes as no surprise that one of the latest discoveries in the power of crystals and their amazing abilities to store information has been adequately dubbed, ‘The Superman Memory Crystal.’

A Crystal of Historic Proportions

3-layer-data-storageOur scientific knowledge concerning crystals has made serious leaps and bounds since it was first proven that they literally could store data back in the 90s. You may recall that in Superman comics and movies the Kryptonian civilization used crystals to store their ancient wisdom for future generations. While seemingly far-fetched at the time, today we know that this technology is very real.

In fact, researchers discovered in 2013 how to utilize the Superman Memory Crystal and innovative 5-D technology to preserve our own civilization’s history. In the past few years since this amazing discovery, many pertinent and massive databases have been recorded and stored into these fused quartz Superman Crystals. Documents such as the King James Bible, The Declaration of Human Rights, Newton’s Opticks, and The Magna Carta will exist for future generations indefinitely thanks to this incredible stone and modern technology.

The Unbelievable Memory Capacity of Superman Crystals

SupermanHow is this possible? Scientists use a specialized laser to encode information into the fused quartz, permanently embedding the data in five ‘dimensions. The researchers consider this method of data storage to be 5-Dimensional. The information is translated into five different dimensions of the nanostructures according to their height, length, width, orientation and position. The structural design alters the way light travels through the Superman Crystal, allowing the data to be read by special optical devices.

Remarkably, just a one inch section of nanostructured Superman Memory Crystal can store up to 360 Terabytes of data, which is comparable to the memory of more than 22,000 standard iPhones! They can also withstand thermal temperatures exceeding 1800-degrees Fahrenheit (1000-degrees Celsius) and is believed to boast a shelf life over 14 billion years in room temperature conditions. Essentially, these beauties will likely be the databases of the future for all kinds of important information and will keep our discoveries and knowledge around for infinite generations.

A Crystal to be Remembered for Eternity

This is a true testament to the memory harnessing abilities of crystals and is thrilling news for historians, archaeologists, and those seeking to preserve the most essential records of human existence such as scientific research, music, cinematography, photos and other data that can be of use to future generations — or even cosmic travelers! Rest assured, these unforgettable and virtually indestructible stones clearly aren’t going anywhere soon, and are indeed the ideal ‘storage’ capacitors to keep our existence ‘alive’ forever.

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