9 Signs of Spiritual Awakening – Watch the Video & See if You’re Awakened!

Spiritual Awakening

If you’ve ever had an ‘ah ha’ moment where suddenly one day where the idea hit you like a big bang: ‘Hey, I’m suddenly feeling more awakened, aware, and in tune with the collective and all of nature.’ –then you’ve got to see this quick video. Clever graphics, accurate information and a narrator with a sense of humor allows you to discover just how many steps to awakening you’ve achieved and what you should be on the lookout for as your journey to ascension progresses.


Low light-worker initiation Score 1-3            https://goo.gl/XjKCMr
Medium light-worker initiation Score 4-6    https://goo.gl/bfSVnP
High light-worker initiation Score 7-9           https://goo.gl/IT9KIR

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