Akashic Record Readings: Discover Your Soul Path

Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Records open up the pathway to discovering universal insights and answers from the highest levels that are available to humanity. They are records of information on the history of the universe and hold the truths of not only your spiritual existence past and present but that of all souls that have ever lived.

Furthermore, the Akashic Records contain the highest potential for outcomes along your soul path. These cosmic documents are not tangible but are approached through the mind and spirit.

Many people need a bit of guidance in accessing these blueprints of the soul and seek out a professional Akashic Records reading from a certified healer. Skilled readers can help others discover any misalignments with their soul’s perfect direction and assist them in meeting their guides and understanding their divine nature

Signs You Are Ready For An Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record ReadingsWhen tarot readings, psychic mediums, and numerology experts are no longer giving you the deeper answers you seek, the soul is trying to let you know that more is needed. These needs may be met more adeptly with an Akashic Records reading.

This desire doesn’t come about by coincidence or simple curiosity like an impromptu session with tarot or a psychic reader often does. In essence, your inner spirit is calling out for answers and assistance from the higher realms. Some signs that an Akashic Reading could be of assistance might include the following feelings or questions probing your mind.

    • Have you wondered if you are a Starseed / Indigo Child or a spirit that’s existed in other dimensions or universes?
    • Do you feel as though a spiritual breakthrough is on the brink but have no idea how to conceive it or what form it will arrive in?
    • Are you curious about your higher purpose in this incarnated body?
    • Do you sense that abundance and joy are lacking in your life, despite energy healing sessions and using modalities like meditation, tapping or affirmations?
    • Is it time to discover the underlying reasons in this life or past ones that source difficulties in the present?
    • Do you want to better understand the soul history behind your current or past relationships with friends, family and romantic partnerships?

Akashic Record Readings

What You Can Learn From At Akashic Record Reading

Akashic readers are not psychics in this role. Rather they are mediums between the information they receive from the guides of the Akashic Records and process data through translations from their Higher Self. When they open your Akashic Records, they transition into a higher level of vibration than what is available to the physical senses in this dimensional plane.

This immensely powerful activation allows readers to see truths from a higher vantage point beyond separation and duality…beyond any existing perceptions, thoughts, energies, personalities and emotions. Some discoveries and answers that may be revealed during Akashic Record readings include:

    • Realizing your mission and special gifts carried into this lifetime.
    • Learning about your soul tribe and previous incarnations.
    • Finding out how to clear any old soul contracts that bind you in this lifetime.
    • Clearing the previous soul vows that hinder abundance in the present.
    • Gain a better concept of recurring patterns that impede the soul’s progression.
    • How to release negative karma created by the self or that you opted to carry for others in this or previous lives

Receiving this universal insight can aid readers in assisting one with envisioning future potential outcomes such as making a physical move, changing careers, or seeking out new relationships. Because time does not exist in the Records in the way that we understand it, they cannot predict future outcomes but rather assert the most likely future paths.

Akashic Record Readings

The mission of an Akashic Reading is to ignite the receiver’s Divine Soul Blueprint that guides them to reconnect with their soul and their ultimate purpose in this realm. If you feel the calling to ‘know’ more, reach out for a private Akashic Reading today.



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