Crystal Healing: The Power of Gemstones in Psychic Readings

Crystals and Tarot

Crystals are a powerful tool that may be used to enhance and clarify tarot readings, strengthen your powers and build stronger connections with your clients. In order to select crystals that will provide healing, illumination and spiritual growth for your querent, you must take care to observe the unique benefits that different types of crystals provide. Here, we observe the benefits of using crystals as illuminating aids to strengthen our weakest powers or fix our problem areas. Elemental Earth types (those born under the signs of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn) will have the most natural affinity for using crystals as psychic aids.

Getting Started: Pinpointing Your Weakness

Consider what skill you are looking to improve or incorporate into your psychic readings. Do you struggle to absorb the wisdom of your (or your client’s) spirit guides? Are you stunted by a lack of confidence or anxiety? Do you have excellent ideas during your readings, but a difficulty putting these ideas into words? Pinpointing your weakness will allow you to select crystals that may positively energize and ‘correct’ problem areas.

For example, a tarot reader may excel as an empath, easily gathering a sense of her client’s emotions, yet she may become confused or uncertain about cards drawn for her client. I would recommend for her to meditate with amethyst before reading in order to restore her confidence and renew her intuition.

Finding the Right Crystals for You


Amethyst Crystal

Some crystals are universal psychic aids, and therefore excellent for improving tarot readings. If you struggle with interpreting a client’s energy or feel a ‘block’ when you attempt to access your intuitive powers, using amethyst, blue angelite or clear crystal quartz will strengthen your powers and allow you to observe the higher meaning behind each card drawn. Amethyst opens the Crown and Third Eye chakras to receiving information from the Divine Source, thereby clearing blockages in the psyche. Clear crystal quartz operates similarly, purifying energy and illuminating hidden truths. Blue angelite, a more feminine stone, will allow you to communicate fully with your higher self during readings.

Sit in a quiet space free of any distractions and place amethyst, blue angelite or clear quartz crystal on the center of your forehead or on the top of your head.  Focus on your breathing in order to ground yourself. Imagine each crystal emitting a stream of pure light into your body, dissolving all uncertainty and spiritual confusion that may plague you during readings. How does each crystal’s energy make you feel? Note which crystal bestows greater mental clarity when conducting practice readings after meditation. All three stones are excellent tools to use to improve your psychic ‘smarts’ (i.e., your practical knowledge on the meanings behind the cards).


Celestite Crystal Necklace

Another issue new psychics may struggle with is building a dynamic rapport with their clients, where readings may be cut short–especially on telephone hotline jobs. To build a stronger rapport with your clients, call upon the powers of Celestite in order to link your Throat chakra to your Crown and Third Eye chakras. Celestite will allow you to speak in a clear and authentic manner to your clients. During meditation, place the stone at the base of your throat and hum softly, observing how the stone’s powers effect your vocal chords. Wearing Celestite on a short chain may be helpful.

Physically selecting crystals and preparing them for use is a unique process. I recommend perusing occult or Wiccan stores in to find which crystals harmonize with your energy by holding and sorting through them. Remember to cleanse your crystals in salt for at least 24 hours before use.


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