Emotional Vampire Confessions: How I Cut Off the Blood Supply

Emotional Vampire

Even with practice, I admit that I do still have moments where I find myself feeding off the energy of others – sucking away at their vital essence like a thirsty bloodsucker – but much less often.

I couldn’t be too hard on myself for these inclinations, and neither can you. Every human that walks the earth is guilty of being an emotional vampire – every single one of us. However, if you are willing to consciously shirk off old habits, it’s easy to begin the journey to becoming a healer and a creator rather than an energetic leech.

By practicing those secrets of manifesting your reality – by living in the vibrational state of not being an emotional vampire – I am able to be more present and conscientious of when the fangs want to come out. I can often catch myself before getting into a feeding frenzy, and here’s what I learned about where I was going astray.

1. It’s My Way or the Highway with a Pity Party To-Go, Please

Emotional Vampire

My Way or the Highway

Are you stubborn to the point ridiculousness, never yielding to any suggestion even though it might make more sense than yours? Perhaps you state your opinions as unarguable facts, daring anyone that challenges you to a duel – without even a glance – because they know better. Maybe taking your ‘toys and going home’ is the answer when things don’t go just your way or others won’t take your opinion.

My unwitting moments of victimizing others in this fashion were by offering my honest opinions – solicited or not. Sure, honesty is great. But remarks to someone such as, “Hey, you must be crazy to wear that!” isn’t empowering them or informing them. It’s likely seen as an attack and as disapproval, and those feelings can be emotionally draining.

Solution: Keep negative opinions to yourself. When you have these thoughts, attempt to craft a compliment, suggest an alternative to them, or say nothing at all. “This would look great with those shoes,” for example can be both helpful and uplifting.

2. Being an Energy Drain by Spreading Fear

Emotions affect the human body in profound ways, and fear can be just has harmful as it can be useful. When I was in full emotional vampire mode, I could spread some vicious fear even in the brightest light of day. I loved good gossip, conspiracy theories, and talking about how the world was going to hell in a hand basket.

Since separating myself from proponents of those same ‘policies and beliefs’ – whether it be news, friends, family, or job related – I became less absorbed in these issues and stopped giving them my energy. In other words, my own energy was being sucked out by these concepts, and I was often inadvertently spreading fear and negativity by attempting to ‘be a part of the solution by spreading the word.

Solution: Separation from influences – check. Next, you must de-program yourself from thinking the way that Fox News or CNN tells you to. Perhaps let go of some of those long-term gossiping habits so you can focus on living in your present now. Learn to draw upon your own strength to get past your own fears so you can stop spreading them to others.

Vanquishing the Emotional Vampire in You

You cannot vibrate energy that you don’t feel. Less negative energy in you means you draw less from others. More positive energy resonating from you raises others’ vibrations – and that’s what a constructive energy exchange is all about.

Remember, your energy leaves an impression on everything it touches, so concentrate on leaving behind positive energy with every encounter.

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