Letting Go: Crystals Mend a Broken Heart

Broken Heart

When dealing with a difficult romantic relationship, you may struggle with feelings of depression, unexpressed anger, resentment or emotional trauma. Relationships that are abusive or co-dependent in nature drain large reserves of energy from the Heart and Sacral chakras and leave us exhausted. For spiritual, emotional and sexual healing, crystals provide a sense of grounding, renewal, and emotional balance for those struggling with a traumatic relationship or regaining their footing after leaving an unsuitable partner.

Black Obsidian: Release Your Resentment

Formed from crystalized molten lava, black obsidian provides powerful grounding while releasing anger and negativity from its user. Black obsidian delivers unique healing benefits to those who have been exposed to abusive partners. Using black obsidian during meditation will allow those who have been affected by the anger of an ex-lover to clear their auras of dark energy. For those who may be experiencing lingering feelings of resentment or the desire to take revenge against an ex-lover, black obsidian will create forgiveness in place of hostility. Below is a grounding exercise to use with black obsidian:

Black obsidian

1. Sit in a quiet space free of distractions. Breathe in deeply through your nose, then exhale through your mouth 10 times. Envision yourself sitting on the beach or in an isolated forest–distance yourself mentally and spiritually from the person causing you harm.

2. Place a piece of black obsidian on the center of your chest at the sternum (the Heart chakra). Observe the weight of the stone in your palm, its texture, and how it feels against your skin.

3. Honor the stone’s power. Envision the stone expanding in size, much like a black hole draining all darkness, anger and resentment from your heart. As this dark energy is absorbed, visualize the stone slowly shrinking in size before disappearing entirely, locking away the negative emotions of or caused by others.

Green Aventurine: Balancing Your Emotions

With its colorful shimmer and smooth texture, green aventurine is a soothing, feminine stone that relieves the Heart chakra of emotional disturbances caused by painful break-ups. Aventurine filters out feelings of suffering and replaces them with love and light. The stone’s shades of green provide a stabilizing influence on the Heart chakra, as well as stress relief from chaotic emotions.

Green Aventurine necklace

The stone can be worn on a long chain so it rests on the center of the chest, and held on ‘blue’ days to ward off feelings of depression or loneliness when recalling memories of a partner or dealing with separation or divorce. Green aventurine is also helpful for individuals with low self-esteem who have suffered from the words of an overly critical partner. This stone is excellent when used on first dates–its green color counteracts emotional extremes, preventing its user from developing impulsive, unstable attachments or being swayed by the wants and needs of others.

Brazilianite: Reclaiming Your Power



Found in South America, Brazilianite is the perfect stone for individuals who have felt controlled by a partner. If you feel emotionally ‘chained’ to an ex-lover or feel an ex-lover will not let you go, Brazilianite will allow you to reclaim your personal power. Its golden color resonates with the Heart and Sacral chakras, providing warmth and sexual healing. Brazilianite allows its user to erect emotional and spiritual boundaries to ward off negative influences in their environment.

Brazilianite is traced back to the days of the Atlantis empire; therefore, its karma is rooted in power dynamics. For individuals who have felt powerless from an intrusive ex-lover (e.g., frequent calling, stalking), meditating with this stone will protect users from an invasion of privacy. Place several pieces of Brazilianite near your windows and doors to protect your personal space.

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