Damanhur: The Light of the Future


Deep in the foothills of the Alpine mountains of Italy exists a beautiful valley that fosters the dreams of a revolutionary Federation called Damanhur. Created in the 1970s, this magical community encourages unity, love and humor as the essential foundations of a happy life. Damanhur possesses its own constitution, its own unique currency and an accessible health care system. Damanhurians revere the power and beauty of Mother Earth and strive to eliminate all forms of pollution; smoking and littering is not permitted anywhere. The villages of Damanhur are diverse and activities are centered around human services. For recreation, visitors and villagers can participate in art classes, craft workshops, and holistic therapy and healing sessions.

Damanhur’s Temples of Humankind are world-renowned and exemplify the beauty of connecting with the divine. Exploring the Temples of Humankind allows one to reconnect to the magic of the creation and the spiritual essence of the higher self. These Temples present how we can take steps to create an entire universe filled with the unity and light found in Damanhur.

The journey through Damanhur reminds us all to reconnect with life’s simple values in order to find the love and peace we seek.


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