Fifty Shades of Beauty: Unlock Your Inner Goddess With the Power of Tarot

Fifty Shades of Beauty

With all the hype surrounding ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, some fans of the series may be wondering how they can become bolder and sexier in and outside the bedroom. Whether you love E.L. James or find her writing horrendous, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ brings an important question to light: how can we, as women of the 21st Century, unlock our ‘inner goddess’ and feel sublime, sexy and confident? The answer is simple (and involves neither whips, nor chains!): through the power of Tarot.

The Tarot’s female archetypes are enlightening and accessible to every woman. As the Tarot teaches, finding one’s inner goddess begins within, by learning to love oneself and honor the incredible power of the Feminine. Here, we will explore two powerful archetypes that heighten intuition and provide revolutionary healing.


Perfect for... Women struggling to conceive; women who are insecure or stressed; new mothers.

Reminder: My body is Mother Earth.

Invoking the Empress: The Empress is ruled by sensual Venus, goddess of love and harvest. She reminds us that happiness starts with self-care. Set out bouquets of flowers and light incense to invite the earthy influence of the Empress into your home. Treat yourself to a soak after a long day; enjoy a sensual treat like wine or chocolate, sans the guilt. Honor your body’s need to indulge!

The Empress reminds us that happiness also comes with self-appreciation. The balancing effect of pomegranate green tea is excellent for an insecure woman who doubts herself or her appearance. When consumed while reciting the Empress’s reminder, your inner goddess will give you a much-needed reminder of your unconditional value and beauty. Women struggling to conceive should try using Red Raspberry, a supercharged herb for fertility. If you are trying for a baby, drink Red Raspberry tea each day during the week you are fertile.

Rose Quartz necklace

A Rose Quartz necklace will bring love and light into your life.

Pink Quartz eases emotional imbalances that may prevent conception, peaceful romantic union or transitioning smoothly into motherhood. During meditation, place Rose Quartz on the Heart Chakra and visualize the sacred Feminine manifesting in your life (i.e., the child you have dreamed of, your ideal of love). Work through pent-up feelings of anxiety or sadness that the stone may bring to the surface. Wear Rose Quartz jewelry to embrace the power of compassion and love. As you make peace with your struggles, the sacred Feminine will empower you to face the challenges of womanhood.



Perfect for Women struggling with nightmares due to stress; women who doubt their intuition; women with reproductive problems or fear of childbirth.

Reminder: Know thyself.

Invoking the High Priestess: The High Priestess, ruled by the Moon, reminds us that to find our inner goddess, we must explore our hidden self. Nightmares are a subconscious manifestation of disturbances in the conscious mind. The High Priestess tasks us to overcome nightmares and get well-deserved beauty sleep by utilizing dream analysis. Brew a blend of chamomile, mugwort and spearmint tea to induce vivid dreams and sharper dream recall. Keep a dream diary to record your reflections; pay close attention to how recurring symbols point to issues you must resolve in waking life.

Moonstone pendant

A Moonstone pendant will regulate Feminine cycles and illuminate the inner self.

The High Priestess reminds us there is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows herself, inside and out. Meditate with Moonstone on the Crown Chakra and visualize yourself removing the veil that covers the waking mind. Imagine meeting yourself in every day life and tap into what others may see that you fail to see about yourself. As you channel the intuitive power of the Goddess principle, you will gain awareness into overcoming your weaknesses and insecurities.

When worn as a pendant, Moonstone provides comfort for women who fear childbirth, and eases hormonal disturbances–it is excellent for evening out moods before and during the menstrual cycle. This stone is most powerful during the full moon and should be charged with moonlight.

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