The Dream Diviners Root~ A Look Into A Sacred Root Used For Thousands Of Years

African Xhosa Dream Root Silene capensis

That’s right folks there’s a root out there used for dream divination! Before we reveal this sacred root for your reading pleasure, let’s cover what dream divination is, so you can get an idea of how amazing this root really is.

Dream divination~ What is it?

Your dreams and the ability of divination come one in hand. Elements of the mystical, synchronicity and surprise are in both. They go together like peaches and cream. In many indigenous cultures to this day dreams are a form of divination.

The colors, symbols, information and scenery of dreams bring messages of meaningful significance. These meanings are incorporated into one’s daily life or to help others. Heal past traumas, find your lost keys or figuring out how to solve a big problem in your life are all things obtained through dream divination.

In Native American traditions and many other cultures dreams are shared with the utmost importance. These dreams are shared with the entire community, rather than just with the people closest to them. Often they are signs or symbols that the tribe uses for predicting successful hunting expeditions, healing the sick or wounded and even to foretell upcoming events.

Xhosa People Of The Eastern Cape Of South Africa

Xhosa People Of The Eastern Cape Of South Africa

In the Eastern Cape of South Africa lie a people in which utilize certain herbs to commune with their ancestors, dream divination at its finest. These people are called the Xhosa people. They practice a form of plant spirit shamanism since ancient times, thousands of years ago and to this day their tradition holds strong. They call this practice Ubulawu roughly translated as white ways or white paths. They use a mixture or sometimes a single root in special ceremonies lasting 3 days or more. Often times these rituals are meant for those whom are being appointed as dream diviners, seers or shamans, for helping the sick, the needy and to appoint new leaders in the community. Many youngsters are given the special herbal preparations to help them discover what vocation in life they should choose or become.


Dried African Dream Root Silene Capensis

One herb in particular worth noting is Xhosa Dream Root. That’s right folks there is literally an herb called Xhosa

Dream Root! Its latin name is Silene capensis. (You can find the root available here!

Whether you’re looking to increase your ability to lucid dream, have enhanced dream memory or to fortify your dream divination skills this herb may be of help. Traditionally the root is extracted in cold water and a froth is made by agitating the concoction. The froth is drunk until the feeling of fullness is reached everyday for 3 days during the ceremony.

Recent discovery by many people around the world find that this herb can be eaten raw, powdered or in tincture form rather than just consuming the froth and with great results across the board. (You can find a special tincture here!)

I’ve personally found this root to be of incredible importance for my dreaming practices and it has helped heal traumas from my childhood. I’ve found that using this herb as a dream tonic for about 3-7 days at a time works best. Many people only try for one day and then say nothing ever happened and never tried it again. The root seems to have a cumulative effect and it takes time to build up. For me personally I see results within day one, others it can take up to 5-7 days before seeing any noticeable results.

Now that you have some dreamy herbal information at your fingertips it’s time to put it to the diviners test! Whether you’re looking to increase your ability to lucid dream, have enhanced dream memory or to fortify your dream divination skills this herb may be the thing you’ve been waiting for.

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Dream Well, Stay Awesome, Live better!

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