The Great Big Shift- Destruction and “Reset”

Great Big Shift

We are born from the womb into a mad world. Our whole life, we get programed through religion which has caused more deaths than all wars combined. Education, where they teach us just enough to feel like we know something, while being programed through scores and bells like we would train dogs. Lets not forget political dogmas, that tell us what to do, when and when not to do it. We need permission to get married, drive, build a house, go fishing, collect rain water and we are surveilled 24/7 via internet, phone etc. We are taught the harder we work and the more degrees we accumulate through the current system, the more economic growth.

art-106There is no real power in money. Convincing 7 billion people that it is, is “power”, and by now we are all aware that the power of the monetary system is privately controlled by “1” Hermetic entity. We do not get to elect our president, we only are given the illusion of choice, getting to choose from the candidates that the Bilderberg group (build) have given us to elect from. Knowing that whomever we choose has already been initiated and is working for the same coveted control group JFK and Eisenhower warned us about in their speeches, that has been in power for a very, very long time. Now, repeat after me….I am free. Let’s think about this.

Know thy self and know we all have the same enemy. If you don’t know you have cancer, then how can you possibly cure it? We are not the cancer of the planet but in fact we are the antibodies.

We all work hard to strive for the American dream. The problem is, as George Carlin once said, ” it is exactly that a “dream”. An illusion we are sold day in and day out. Their is mounting evidence that suggests that many if not all of the western worlds wealthiest elites, as well as 44 of our presidents are and were blood related. Great Big ShiftThe Titanic had some of the wealthiest people of that time period aboard, that were considered a threat to the group that created the Federal Reserve in 1913, exactly one year after the Titanic sunk in 1912. It is also very well documented that the owners of the monetary system did fund both sides of every war during the 17th, 18th,19th,20th centuries and current. These private entities profit not only in wealth, but in causing chaos and fear to keep us in bondage, enabling us from piecing the puzzle together.

Through my vast ongoing research I have come to the realization that you absolutely can not be in any political power position or accumulate immense wealth if you are not part of these families and or their subfamilies, including Hitler, Vanderbilt, Cooper, Morgans, Wahlberg, Shiff, Carnegie, Zuckerberg, Gates, just to name a few. They keep the greatest invention “money” which gives them power to rule over us, all in the family. Any new invention or company is eventually bought out, from one of their many sub corporations, or stolen.

I am a spiritual realist, a political atheist, that looks at both the negative, and the positive. The key is to be neutral, and use the “negative” energies to create “positive” outcomes- a true hermetic alchemist.

Great Big Shift

Their is a great energetic shift happening all throughout our planet. We are all coming to greater understandings and higher levels of consciousness, unveiling many sides to our reality that we were not aware of before. So we have a choice of free will. Will we continue to give into their insane agendas for the current control systems own personal gains, and have a destruction of our planet, while we bury our heads in the sand…. or will we have a destruction of the old ideas and hit the reset button?

I would like to manifest option 2. Destruction of the old ideas and system and hit the reset button.

Why do we need leaders of Nations?

This model has proven to cause so many problems, such as our current dictator, greed, egomaniacs, and mainly serve self rather than the collective, which is what it is suppose to do. Why do we give such power to one individual? It is a proven failure time and again and not a true democracy. We do not need a leader of nations, instead we need a parliament dividing the power between a group, that will represent humanity. We have the power of free will. The people can govern themselves.

Who elected the royal families?

What makes them royal? Is it the costumes that they dress themselves in? Are we still children, in a fantasy world where the rules apply to everyone else except them? The word “British” in hebrew means “man of the covenant” or “coveted man”. Some claim that they are not human. There are 4 races on this planet- white, black, red, and yellow, which can get further broken into categories. We can say that these 4 races are aliens to one another. They elected themselves because they feel they have a birth right to be superior. What makes them superior? Do they have special powers, other than the ability through the years to keep the masses illiterate, and hoard ancient knowledge for centuries, that belongs to all of humanity? Leaving us breadcrumbs to piece together, up till now while keeping themselves politically neutral via puppets. Its hard to believe that we allow such existence to be granted. Its like a spoiled child that wants what they want, when they want it, or else it will throw a tantrum, and the parent just gives in because they don’t want to deal.

Great Big Shift

Their is no war on terror, instead it is a war of terror that is being carefully implemented on every continent. The world is kept in categories from scarce food and water to economic poverty, man made diseases, unnecessary wars and mind control via entertainment, the newest pharmaceutical drugs and psychological false goals keeping the 1st world countries in vegetative states.

Interestingly the woman suppressing Muslim group, calls themselves Isis (Egyptian Goddess). A group which Obama has made very clear in multiple speeches, that the USA funds. Throughout history the Hessians were brought into the western world by the ruling class to take control via 3rd party.  If you follow Isis you will find that they are destroying all ancient sites in the middle east. Stealing artifacts, and possibly ancient technology from Mesopotamia, now the 2nd oldest civilization after Gobekli Tepe, which have been successfully coveted. Up until the US invasions, due to weapons of mass destruction, and terrorism that all has proven to be false.In fact Gaddafi had tapped into regenerating water source in the crust on the earth and is said to of had $184million in gold and silver coins. He was planning on starting his own banking system with other middle east countries.

Great Big ShiftWe got Homeland Security out of this deal,  and our country is starting to look more, and more like a police state, while our rights to exist are becoming less everyday. Obama’s Healthcare is the exact same Healthcare system that Hitler put into play for Nazi Germany T-4 Program revived. Hitler also disarmed his people,  with his Gun Control Act, claiming that it did more harm than good.

The US is the military tool used by the Monarchy(Windsors aka Sachs) and the Lord of the city of London (the owners of the Monetary system throughout the Globe). Founders of Goldman Sachs. The world’s primary feudal landowner is Queen Elizabeth II. The second largest land owner is the Sultan of Saudi Arabia. She is Queen of 32 countries, head of a Commonwealth of 54 countries in which a quarter of the world’s population lives, and legal owner of about 6.6 billion acres of land, one-sixth of the earth’s land surface. Her position is a relic of the last and largest land empire in history, rumours of whose demise would appear to be somewhat premature based on her position and possessions. But her power is real, or at least legally real, and it derives from a tradition based on a specific and unbalanced relationship between rulers and the ruled, which we have allowed to exist.

Great Big Shift

An apocalypse brings death and rebirth, as does Shiva ( meaning 7), which stands outside of Cern- the largest particle collider. Their have been 5 cataclysmic events on earth, the dinosaur extinction being the last, however the bible speaks of Noah being the last man, which goes back about 2000-2200BC, around the Tower of Babel destruction. Even though there are many different dates, the timelines seem to fit and according to the Mayan calendar it takes a little over 5000yrs for it to “reset” which was around 2012. This is about same timespan from Noah’s Flood, and Babel destruction until now. It also matches the timeline of the sky wars, written in the Mahabharata.

Their is also evidence all over the world of an ancient atomic war, from the same time period, not spoken about in the main stream, of course all this can be researched. It can also explain the helicopters, planes, and submarine Egyptian Hieroglyphs, as well as many other ancient technologies and anomalies. Is this why so little remains of the ancient world prior to 2000BC? It is also very interesting when we look at the ancient timeline of these catastrophic events 2000BC-2200BC that is the same timeline we are in right now, exactly 5000years later- the time of “reset”. Furthermore, it is also the year of the “Shemitah” meaning 7 in hebrew, 7 is also Sept in Latin and Sanskrit, which Sept. 2001, Sept.2008 & approximately Sept.2015-16 fall on. If their is truth to the last man standing “Noah” who lived until he was 950years old, could an ancient atomic war changed our atmosphere, and cut man’s lifespan?

All is number in the universe, and the elite Cabal take the celestial calendar very seriously. Just so happens that all these eclipses, and equinox’s also fall in the months of March-April and September. These celestial dates also happen to fall on or near the Jewish Holy days. These top Hermetics are the “Lord of the Rings”.  Interesting, how the Pope was at key ley line points in last years rituals on these September dates , on lunar/solar eclipses and will be performing a consecration this September’s Jewish Holy week, on or near another solar\lunar eclipse, and fall equinox. Interesting to say the least.

There are alternate realities through choice for better outcomes. People can be influenced to make wiser more knowledgable choices to change the direction the current system is so desperately trying to hold onto,  by means of propaganda, disinformation, poisons in our food, water, air, vaccines, and the ultimate goal of depopulation according to United Nations “Agenda 21”.

We are coming up to some of the most challenging times of our human existence. The issues that we face are immense, due to power struggles of the current system loosing its power because of shared knowledge! We have the freedom of choice that must be made by the collective. To stop the old model of thinking with monarchies,  leaderships, that create wars, famine, diseases and human destruction of ourselves, and the planet. Only an alien would terraform the planet to justify its own existence.

The world ahead is dangerous, but filled with opportunities of a better world. Especially with the global consciousness shifts that have been occurring.

We can skirt the dangers if we work “collectively”.

What would be a resolution for the crisis? Can we help people see a better approach, and solve  our problems in the world?

Michael Tellinger founder of “Ubuntu” seems to have a successful cashless  system  in a community they built in South Africa. That are living off the current grid, while sharing there knowledge for the good of all. We have the technological capabilities for free energy thanks to Tesla, who considered himself not a scientist, but a metaphysic, proving that this genius was tapping into the end all be all of information- the school of the “ether”. We also have  green technologies for better Health Care, clean water, clean air, clean agriculture, water fueled cars, and newly discovered ancient technologies currently being tapped into. Collectively we have the power to end world misery. Preparedness for all is the best way to take back your power and freedom.

What will the inevitable destruction mean? That is up to us!

Knowledge is Power and Applied Knowledge is Freedom.

© 2016 Magdaline (Maggie’s Holistic) visit:


© 2016 Magdaline (Maggie’s Holistic) visit:

Magdaline is the founder of, a “essential” dietary supplement product line. She is a Holistic Nutritionist , certified in Reiki and Kundalini Yoga with degrees in the Sciences, Art History and is knowledgeable in several languages. Magdaline, has also been on various radio shows that are archived, such as PRN Gary Null, Natural Nurse and many more.

While trying to heal her son and herself, she discovered that we are exposed daily to radiation, fluorine, chlorine, bromine chemicals and heavy metals as they can be found in our food, water and air. These toxins accumulate and get stored in our body interfering with the endocrine glandular system, neurological system and cause calcification of our pineal gland interfering with our cognitive abilities, lowering our IQ. Healthy levels of iodine help the body detox toxic build up of these chemicals and assist the body to reactivate its self healing mechanism. Visit for more information on her wonderful essential dietary supplements.

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