Free Yourself of Insecurities and Fears with Red Amber Essential Oil

Red Amber Oil

Hailing from ancient fossilized tree sap, pure red amber oil is filled with strong fire and earth vibrations, making it an ideal essential oil to work with the base / root / first chakra in addition to healing a variety of physical and spiritual ailments. Red amber oil (a.k.a. red ambar) boasts a warm, resinous scent that rich and earthy which is especially fragrant and long lasting when warmed. These qualities are what make amber oil one of the most common additions to many of the world’s most expensive designer fragrances.

However, this ancient Egyptian oil has profound effects on the base chakra, which governs your life force and survival instincts to serve as the powerhouse of the mind, body, and spirit. Those who have blockages or imbalances in the root chakra tend to lack positive energy and have fear-based reactions and shame-based insecurities—red amber oil can help!

Red Amber Oil’s Connection to the Base Chakra

Red Amber OilAncient Egyptian Red Amber Oil is described as one of the Seven Sacred Oils within The Pyramid Texts of Saqqara and is referenced as being ‘The Base Set.’ Set was a noted Neter in ancient texts, and this suggests the importance that the ancient Egyptians placed upon the sacredness of maintaining balance and vitality amid the ‘base’ energy center and indicates that amber oil is a potential key to restoration and proper functioning of the root chakra.

Amid the Texts of Saqqara, Set is often associated with intense events like earthquakes and thunderstorms, and words near his glyph translate into words such as storm, rage, confusion and turmoil. The story of Set is very similar to the human experience when the base chakra is imbalanced. If you feel like you are living in suffering, shame, fear or have issues with confidence, it’s likely that tending to your base chakra using sacred Egyptian Red Amber Oil could boost esteem, release fears and help promote overall health in more ways than you think.

Red Amber Oil’s Benefits for the Mind

Red Amber OilOne of our favorite essential oils for meditation and yoga sessions, red amber’s soothing scent seems to simultaneously relax the mind while boosting mood and bringing about an influx of happy thoughts and emotions. Amber oil has been shown in studies to relax alpha, beta and theta brain waves, which explains its profound effects concerning emotional wellness. This is why many call upon this aromatherapy tool to relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Physical Health Benefits of Red Amber Essential Oil

There are a number of health benefits associated with the use of pure amber essential oil including the following.

Boost Sexuality and Reproduction — As the control center of the testes and ovaries, the root of the body must be balanced and healthy to promote reproductive efforts and sexual appetite. Amber oil stimulates these glands along with the thyroid gland and helps regulate hormone production as it balances the base chakra.

Healthy Skin and Hair — The properties of amber oil include skin rejuvenation benefits through the promotion of new cell growth, making it widely used within anti-aging serums and creams and popular within body care products and massage oils. Add amber oil to a steamer and enjoy a restoring facial or rub a few diluted drops to the scalp to rejuvenate hair follicles.

Heart Health — Amber oil’s relaxing effects have made it beneficial to relieve heart palpitations and convulsions, and it also helps promote healthy blood circulation.

Pain, Wounds, Spasms and Inflammation — Amber oil is an anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, and analgesic which makes it a valuable tool to have in your essential oil kit. Sore muscles, superficial wounds and bites can be alleviated with amber oil based solutions for topical application. It relieves pain by improving blood circulation that also promotes natural healing of and regeneration of skin tissues while reducing inflammation.

Boost Immunity — Amber oil that hails from Baltic amber trees have febrifuge properties that boost the immune system of the body and assist in reducing illnesses and help treat fevers.

Respiratory Relief — Its anti-spasmodic properties also make amber oil beneficial for those with any type of respiratory disorder. It helps relieve convulsions, congestion in the chest and is optimal in diffusers for those with asthma or bronchitis.

Spiritual Uses of Red Amber Oil

Red Amber OilAlas, we arrive at the spiritual and metaphysical uses of red amber oil in it’s pure, unadulterated form. Red amber helps transmute dark or negative feelings amid off-balanced chakras into light, aligning one with a grounded calming and trusting vibration of peace, acceptance and harmony. This healing essential oil works to align the auric fields, allowing the newfound acceptance of one’s mind and body to radiate throughout the chakra system, creating a sense of wholeness that promotes divine love in thoughts and actions. Red amber can help give us the vision and wisdom to assist and accept ourselves and others, as we let go of the past and face the future head on with confidence.

Popular Ways to Utilize Red Amber Essential Oil at Home and On the Go

With a few inexpensive tools and high quality essential oils and carriers, you can create your own red amber blends and enjoy aromatherapy anywhere, anytime!

Direct Inhalation / Cupping from the Hands
Aromatherapy Inhalers / Nebulizers
Spritzers / Roller Bottles
Steam Distribution / Ultrasonic Diffusers
Massage Oils / Candles / Perfumes / Bath Oils / Soaps / Scrubs
Internally in Foods and Drinks / Capsules / Suppositories / Oil Pulling

Always follow recommendations for diluting essential oils prior to use, and be sure to properly store them for maximum enjoyment. Only certain oils are appropriate for consumption and others may cause photosensitivity, so do your homework and forget about taking chances!

Companion Oils to Use with Egyptian Red Amber Oil

A few essential oils that pair and blend well with Red Amber Essential Oil include:

Rose absolute

Stones and Crystals for the Base Chakra

Combining the healing abilities of stones and crystals with the influence upon the mind, body and spirit of Red Amber Oil, creates the ideal environment to promote balancing and restoring the base chakra. Some of our favorite stones and crystals to pair with red amber to work specifically with with root chakra include:

Black Obsidian
Apache Tear
Red, Orange or Natural Carnelian
Red Aventurine
Red Coral
Red Calcite
Red Jasper
Black or Red Tourmaline

There is no right or wrong when it comes to pairing essential oils and stones—just do what feels right for you. Trial and error will let you know in time just how these tools affect you as an individual.

Choose Unadulterated 100% Pure Red Amber Essential Oil

The body isn’t intended to process synthetic additions that are all too common in adulterated and pre-diluted or mixed essential oils. Our line of Pure Ancient Egyptian Essential Oils come directly from our trusted source in Egypt and are 100% purely crafted from natural flowers and plant sources.

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