Root Chakra Healing – Unblocking and Balancing Your Life Force

Root Chakra

The center of manifestation that gives you the energy to succeed, balance, or renew anything in your life – the base or root chakra is known by many names and serves many functions. In essence, it serves as your Life Force energy and is the starting point for any complete chakra balancing and unblocking effort. Located at the base of your spine behind the pubic bone, this chakra is called Muladhara in Sanskrit and is the source of Kundalini Energy. Root chakra healing provides us with the ability to ground with the earth plane, hear the messages of the universe, and it also governs sexual vitality and promotes focus. You may not know that root chakra healing is even necessary or recognized that it is blocked or unbalanced due to all the negative energies we face daily, but if you really listen to your mind/body/soul connection, you may recognize some of these physical and emotional symptoms of a blocked or unbalanced base chakra.

Emotional and Physical Symptoms of  a Blocked Root Chakra

Emotionally, when a root chakra healing is necessary you may not feel especially clarified in your mind, your true desires, goals, or feel much direction or motivation in your life. You may feel very disconnected with the universe and everything around you in your physical world including your loved ones and closest friends. Feelings of fear and a lack of control may be common, and many in need of a root chakra healing may be resistant to change and choose to fulfill their emotional void through obtaining excess material possessions – or the polar opposite experience of not caring about them anymore.  When any of the Seven Chakras vibrate at a low resonance, their ‘flow’ becomes blocked and allows physical symptoms to manifest as the auric communications are hampered. Physical symptoms that you need a root chakra healing and balancing will manifest over time and worsen if not cleared and balanced. Some of the most common physical symptoms of a blocked base chakra include:

  • Fatigue / Depression
  • Blood Pressure Problems
  • Digestive Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Anemia
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Chronic Pain or Discomfort in Legs, Hips, and Lower Back

Awaken Your Auric Fields with Root Chakra Healingroot chakra healing

There are a number of ways to unblock the chakras including through professional Ayurvedic chakra clearing and balancing, or through your personal efforts at home or in a group setting with meditation and stone therapy. Yoga and music or color therapy (particularly with the color red) can prove to be powerful healing tools to bring you back into a state of balance and higher vibrations.  Once the base chakra is balanced, you will feel a greater sense of stability, connected and grounded with Mother Earth, and life’s uncertainties may seem less daunting. Beyond the emotional and spiritual benefits of chakra balancing, many feel relief from the physical effects as the vital communication between the auric fields improves. The base chakra is esoterically perceived as red and is the color you would want to wear or envision during your efforts to heal this field. Red is an ideal color to heal the survival chakra because it is through this center that we feel fear or anger when threatened. Red is the color of vitality and boasts the longest wavelengths of any within the electromagnetic spectrum making it powerful for root chakra healing.

Stones Recommended for Balancing and Root Chakra Healing: Reds, Brown, Black

Stones like Red Jasper furnish sustenance for one’s physical body and bring about energy, enthusiasm, interest, passion, and feelings of security. Rose-red is the hue of universal harmony, and rose quartz, garnets, rubies, and coral are also used to heal the root chakra. Other healing hues are black stones like Black Hematite and brown stones, which also resonate highly with this Earth bound chakra. Crystals and stones such as our Quantum LightShield Infused Amulets are sources of vibrations that can help activate, energize, balance, and unblock the chakras. As these stone’s energies harmonize and resonate with yours, your aura begins to clear the chakras begin to balance and restore your mind/body/spirit connection. These tools grow in power when utilized during meditational states and for well-intentioned healing – discover your higher vibrations with this combination of primitive and modern technology.


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