How Much Time Does CBD Take To Make You High?


The CBD market has seen a surge since the legalization of cannabis. As the laws embracing the compound became clear following the Farm Bill of 2018, more users were excited to start their cannabis journey beginning with this amazing cannabinoid. 

With a spectrum of benefits on its plate, CBD is a powerful ingredient that has made a mark in several segments, including fitness, wellness, cosmetics, skincare products, food, and beverages. Each of these segments leverages the potential therapeutic benefits of the compound in different ways. 

If you are interested in embedding CBD into your lifestyle, developing some basic understanding of CBD can help make your experience smooth and enjoyable. 

Does CBD Get You High 

Before we dig deep into understanding the onset and duration of CBD effects, we will answer a fundamental question – Does CBD get you high? No, CBD does not induce any psychoactive effects. So you can consume wholesale CBD products without stressing about getting high. 

CBD as a compound has a calming effect on the user that creates a soothing feeling. It is also capable of counteracting the intoxicating effects of THC to induce a more comfortable experience. 


CBD does introduce several therapeutic benefits to the users apart from a rejuvenating and relaxing feeling. CBD is available in various forms such as sublingual, edibles, vapes, topicals, oils, infused foods. In each case, the bioavailability, time for effects to set in, duration, intensity, and peaking vary significantly. 

Here we will explore how much time it takes for the reactions of the cannabinoid to set in and how long it lasts in each case. 

Interaction Of CBD With Our Body 

The interaction of CBD with the endocannabinoid system(ECS) is responsible for the many benefits. Unlike THC that binds to the CB receptors, CBD inhibits anandamide absorption, which is the natural cannabinoid that influences pain. The compound also interacts with serotonin and vanilloid receptors outside the ECS, which upon activation contributes to the anti-anxiety properties. Factors like how CBD enters the body, dosage, and effective availability after metabolization determine the response. 

Vaping Or Smoking 

If you are smoking a CBD-rich strain or vaping a CBD-infused liquid, the delivery of the cannabinoid to the ECS occurs through CB receptors in the lungs. Following the rapid absorption of the cannabinoid into the bloodstream, it circulates throughout the body. Therefore the effects begin within the first few minutes of consumption. These effects will peak within three and five minutes but will last only a short duration. 



CBD oil or tincture is helpful for sublingual consumption. You can place a few drops under the tongue. In this case, the cannabinoids go through absorption by the mucous membrane in the mouth and enter the bloodstream immediately. The onset of effects, in this case, is almost immediate, but the feeling lasts for only a short duration. 


Ingesting CBD is one of the most popular and effective forms of consumption. In this case, the CBD infused in the edible goes through metabolization in the liver during the digestion process.  Research indicates that this process delivers a reduced concentration of CBD to the bloodstream. 

Given that CBD has to pass through regular digestion, the effects take anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours to begin showing. You can feel them slowly and soothingly for a few hours before it dies down. 


In topicals, CBD absorption occurs at the localized cannabinoid receptors present on the skin surface.  The effective absorption of these receptors is relatively low, and thus, may need a liberal application for the onset of effects. Typical effects peak at about 90 minutes after application and slowly alleviates. 

Some Other Influencing Factors:

Body Weight

CBD is effectively stored in the fat cells in our body. Therefore the amount of body fat influences the effects of the cannabinoid. Individuals with larger body mass may require a more potent CBD dose to experience the same effects compared to those with average body mass. 


Metabolic Rate 

The metabolic rate of individual influences how long the cannabinoid remains in the system.  It determines how long the body will take to break down the compound and synthesize it for absorption. A high metabolic rate means that the cannabinoid is processed and eliminated faster, thus reducing the duration of the effects. 

Product Matters

Apart from biological factors, the dosage and frequency of use affect the duration of effects of CBD. You can refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to know more about the optimum dosage and frequency of use for the best benefits. 

Remember: Although CBD individually cannot induce an intoxicating effect, some CBD products, including CBD oil, tend to contain THC traces. It is especially true if the product mentions full-spectrum CBD oil. The law requires that CBD be derived from hemp, and the concentration of THC should fall below 0.3% for the product to be legal. Such low concentrations cannot get you high. 

As a precaution, you can choose broad-spectrum or isolate CBD products to ensure there is no THC. Also, ensure that you always purchase CBD products from reputed brands or authorized dispensaries for enhanced safety.  


The onset, duration, potency, and intensity of CBD heavily depend on the method of consumption. In each case, the cannabinoid is broken down for absorption differently, thus making them a superior form of consumption for certain applications. 


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